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Did you know? memoQ is in constant development, with about 4 releases every year. Use this tool to find out what you are missing by not upgrading!

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Project management


  • Users who were signing in to their memoQ workspace with their Windows Active Directory accounts can now use OpenID Connect and multi-factor authentication for a quicker and safer login process.
  • memoQ 9.7 comes with a new Toggle case button that allows users to change the letter case of one or multiple term base entries in a selected language with a single click.
  • Google Cloud Translation API Advanced offers fast, dynamic translation between thousands of language pairs and comes with powerful customization features, such as custom neural machine translation model selection and glossary support. Thanks to our new Google MT plugin debuting in memoQ 9.7, the solution can now be integrated with memoQ for more accurate, better-quality results in domain-specific translations.
  • FlowFit allows users to benefit from the power of automation and enhance project team efficiency. 
  • Pre-translation, translation project managers’ go-to project preparation and management tool, has arrived to memoQWeb
  • Localization project managers are increasingly interested in using memoQ in the browser. So we’ve been busy working on making your experience better and better. 
  • memoQWeb comes with advanced assign functions to help translation project managers stay on top of project details, including roles and deadlines, assignments and contributors, at all times.

File formats

External tools

  • memoQ 9.7 comes with an import filter for XLIFF 2 files! Files exported in this format can now be added to memoQ and configured for better segment and meta data management.


External MT engines

  • Top-rated machine translation engine ModernMT is now part of memoQ’s MT plugin family! Plus Amazon Translate, Tilde MT and Kantan MT offer faster workflows, added safety and better tag handling.
  • Alexa Translations A.I.'s brand new MT plugin helps legal, business and government translators save time and get more done. Plus, TexTra, the much-loved neural machine translation engine for professional translators of Asian languages has a slicker UI and richer functionality.

Resource management

Batch operations

  • Export or delete TMs, TBs, LiveDocs corpora in batch - for projects with many TMs, TBs and LiveDocs corpora, this makes the difference between a lunch break and no lunch break. What would you chose?
  • Import TMs in batch - we love batch operations, don't you? To select, add and remove Translation Memories in batches is super-useful for project managers and freelance translators alike.

Resource console

  • Resource Console improvements - manage your resources more efficiently than ever before, with new filter fields, sorting options and columns to display metadata for TMs, TBs and LiveDocs.

Translation editor


  • The updated status bar not only tells you the total number of characters in a segment but also shows your current character position. This is especially useful when working with length restrictions in localization projects.
  • Select multiple files in a project and using the Export (Choose Path) option export all target-language files to the same selected folder (and even append the target-language codes to file names) instead of having to select the folder for each file.
  • When pretranslating a document, memoQ is capable of joining or splitting segments and thus finding better matches. Now you can join/split up to 5 segments, instead of 3. In addition, this feature is now available in online projects as well.


  • When using Word for spell check in memoQ, you can select the Word dictionaries to use from those available on your computer. This feature is particularly useful in memoQ projects with general target languages for which you now typically have multiple dictionaries to choose from.
  • SDLTM files can be directly imported into memoQ TMs, not only as part of a Trados project file as before.


Communication security

  • More SSO options for safe and simple user authentication for all
  • Say hello to better user management and super-fast, super-safe login. memoQ offers integration with corporate identity management solutions that use the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.


External tools

  • Protemos integration—Protemos is a business management system for translation companies. Designed to boost productivity, it is user-friendly, quick to set up, and requires no special training.
  • Modified Content Connector - providing improved options for the memoQ Business Services team to support users looking for integrations, independent of the memoQ release cycle and licensing protocols.

Web PM

Project management

  • Now it is possible to select multiple documents and change them in memoQWeb, all from the Translations page. Streamline your work with these improved workflows.



  • Advanced filtering, doc-level QA, status bar and more

File import

  • File grouping by extension—Change the import filter configuration you want to use for each imported filter type and group your files by file extension.
  • Importing ZIP files as a folder structure —Preserve the folder structure and display it in a tree. This is particularly useful for complex file structures, such as those for website translation.