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To provide creative, high-quality localization of video game content tailored to Altagram's target markets and languages.


Before implementing memoQ into the daily workflow ten years ago, Altagram experienced issues such as inconsistent translations, the inability to handle unusual file formats, and the lack of Quality Assurance and Terminology checks.
customer stories


Today, all translatable content goes through memoQ and its statistics determine the price for resources and clients. With over 55 target languages, Altagram appreciates the flexibility and reliability of memoQ.
“Adjusting segmentation rules is extremely helpful in some cases where clients have exotic text structures.”
Wolfgang Hoffmann-Schoenborn
Senior Localization Engineer at Altagram

Ten years with memoQ

When it comes to game localization, accuracy is essential. Altagram’s localization needs have been met thanks to various memoQ features such as the numerous import filters, the ability to exclude non-translatable text via the Regex Tagger, Quality Assurance and Terminology features, the different automatizations available via the memoQ API, and the tagger and segmentation rules that allows Altagram to turn messy codes into conveniently translatable content.

Moreover, Altagram benefits significantly from the easy handling of various file formats, and the Quality Assurance and Terminology checks that can be tailored to a very fine degree to meet the project's needs, including restricting specific special characters and regex-based checks.

“Adjusting segmentation rules is extremely helpful in some cases where clients have exotic text structures.” – shares Wolfgang Hoffmann-Schoenborn, Senior Localization Engineer at Altagram.

About Altagram

Altagram is a global multilingual game localization and audio production agency with offices in Berlin, Germany; Seoul, South Korea; and Montreal, Canada. With over 5.800 game titles localized in the video game industry, Altagram's talented and passionate team is a reliable partner in bringing games to a worldwide audience.

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