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Rejoignez Anna Mohácsi-Gorove pour apprendre à gérer des projets de traduction, des mémoires de traduction, des bases terminologiques, à traduire des documents, à lancer l'assurance qualité et à faire une relecture. さらに読む
Utiliser la terminologie dans memoQ
Anna Mohácsi-Gorove - Solution Engineer @ memoQ
On February 1, 2023, we are introducing a new webinar series, where you can find out what’s new in our products, memoQ translator pro and memoQ TMS. Every four months, our product managers will tell you about the features themselves, use cases where they might come in handy, and tips on how to use them to increase your productivity. さらに読む
What’s new in memoQ
Veronika Pándi, Marianna Nagy, Zsolt Varga, Ádám Gaugecz - Product managers @ memoQ
Dieses Webinar gibt Ihnen einen ersten Überblick über die Funktionen von memoQ, mit denen Sie dank smarter Werkzeuge wie Translation Memorys und Termbanken konsistentere Übersetzungen in kürzerer Zeit erstellen können. さらに読む
memoQ: so entdecken Sie verborgenes Potenzial in Ihren Übersetzungsworkflows
Angelika Zerfaß - memoQ trainer
Als Übersetzer sollten Sie in der Lage sein, bei der Übersetzung Zeit zu sparen und zu lernen, Ihre Ressourcen optimal einzusetzen. さらに読む
memoQ: so entdecken Sie verborgene Möglichkeiten in Ihren Übersetzungsworkflows
Angelika Zerfaß - memoQ trainer
In our joint webinar with Consoltec, you can learn the ins and outs of the FlowFit-memoQ integration. さらに読む
Next-level Project Management for LSPs with FlowFit and memoQ
Anna Mohácsi-Gorove & Jean-François Mur
다양한 프로젝트와 마감일을 동시에 처리하는 프리랜서 번역가라면 시간을 낭비할 여유가 없습니다. memoQ는 번역가분들이 현명한 방법으로 모든 리소스를 사용할 수 있도록 도와 효율적으로 번역 작업 및 관리를 할 수 있도록 디자인되었습니다. さらに読む
번역 워크플로우의 숨겨진 잠재력 발견 :
memoQ translator pro
박 선주 - 메모큐 튜토리얼 강사
모든 기업에게 현지화는 글로벌 진출 및 새로운 청중에게 다가가는 과정의 초석입니다. 더 나은 고객 경험을 제공할수록 청중이 충성도 높은 고객이 될 가능성이 높아집니다. さらに読む
다른 차원의 현지화 및 번역 프로젝트 관리의 시작:
memoQ project manager
박 선주 - 메모큐 튜토리얼 강사
When it comes to localization teams, the translation process hardly ever starts with a TMS. You store your content to be translated in one system; you might use another for project management, and the list goes on. さらに読む
A Seamless Localization Experience is the Heart of your Workflow: Connect memoQ to your Existing Systems
Jure Dernovsek - Solution Engineer at memoQ
When you’re a freelance translator juggling different projects and deadlines at the same time, you can’t afford to lose time, and want to make sure that you use all your resources in a smart way. You have to make it a point to use words and expressions consistently across all documents within the same project so your client is always happy. さらに読む
Exclusive memoQ Webinar for Translators
Santiago de Miguel - Solution Engineer at memoQ
The Kalcium Quickterm-memoQ integration is based on the API, so once you connect the two systems, periodic synchronization will happen automatically. This will allow terminology managers to focus on terminology rather than the manual repetitive process of importing and exporting termbases, which doesn’t provide any added value. さらに読む
The Kalcium Quickterm-memoQ integration explained: how to include advanced terminology in your localization workflow
Klaus Fleischmann & Jure Dernovsek

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