Success Stories



“a powerful tool for localization. Its user interface is very user-friendly, well-designed and easy to work with when compared with other solutions. Additionally, memoQ’s support team is very responsive and helpful.”
Ratchapong Thongdeetae - Head of Patent Department

arte "After considering different TMS solutions, ARTE TV decided to go with memoQ in 2019. It ticks all of our boxes: It's got an intuitive user interface for both our translators and PMs, and there are different deployment options. memoQ also provided us with training in French and German. Since switching to a TMS, our translation workflow has become more seamless without ever having to worry about poor quality." 全文を読む

Learn more how the translation team at PSI CRO (contract research organization) was able to speed up its turnaround time by 10-50% depending on the type of content with memoQ.

PSI-CRO “The main reason we chose memoQ over other solutions on the market is that it is user-friendly and has a lot of features that can be adapted to specific workflows and offers a variety of solutions. The LiveDocs feature is what made it stand out among the competitors, providing the possibility of using our existing libraries and having live access to our documents.” 全文を読む

Learn how Hockey Canada has been using memoQ cloud as a powerful ally in their translation projects and processes.

Hockey Canada 「memoQ cloudで複数のプロジェクトマネージャーライセンスを使用することで、柔軟性が十分に提供されています。この結果、チームの各メンバーは、コラボレーション環境を共有しながら、最初から最後までのワークフローを完全にコントロールできるようになりました。」 全文を読む