Leveraging Generative AI in memoQ

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Join us and learn how to use Generative AI (GenAI) to your advantage! If you are a management professional in localization (including LSP program managers and operations directors), this webinar is for you! 

In the first part of the webinar, Konstantin Dranch, Co-Founder of Custom.MT, will share recent developments and trends in the world of MT and LLMs, and you can learn more about Generative AI and how it can be beneficial in the translation industry. 

In the second part, we will focus on how to get the most out of MT and GPT4 in memoQ with the Custom.MT connector, and we will also demonstrate Adaptive Generative Translation (AGT), memoQ’s latest translation automation technology. 


You can learn how to: 

Direct ChatGPT translations with your glossaries, style guides, tone, and voice.

Use the automated domain adaptation on autopilot.

Achieve cost savings with Generative AI.

Write efficient prompts.

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Konstantin Dranch - Co-Founder @ Custom.MT

Konstantin Dranch is a specialist market researcher recognized for his industry insights in localization, language technology, and services. He is also the founder of Custom Machine Translation (Custom.MT), a startup in Prague that implements and optimizes machine translation systems, including GenAI, for language services and localization teams. Konstantin has a background in linguistics and journalism. Before his current role, he served as a strategist at a language technology company, Phrase (previously Memsource), and as the Head of Research at Nimdzi Insights. In a non-profit capacity, he acted as the Communications Chair for the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas. Konstantin's contributions to the field include the creation of the Language Technology Atlas, an overview of the localization industry, and regional and global rankings of language services providers (LSPs). These resources are widely used and quoted by professionals worldwide.

Elena Murgolo - Localization Consultant @ Custom.MT

A language expert and tech enthusiast with a passion for martial arts. She started as a conference interpreter, mastering English and German, then transitioned into technical translation. Elena excelled in Language Technology, managing CAT tools and MT. In academia, she’s published papers and presented at conferences. At Custom MT, she’s a Localization Consultant, leading AI model training projects. Beyond work, Elena teaches judo to children, making her our l10n ace with a judo twist. 

Jourik Ciesielski - Founder @ C-Jay International

Jourik Ciesielski holds a Master in Translation as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Specialized Translation from KU Leuven (Belgium). In 2013 he started as an intern at Yamagata Europe in Ghent as part of his studies and then stayed with the company as full-time Localization QA Operator. His strong interest in language technology made him move to the position of Chief Technology Officer. In 2020 he founded his own company, C-Jay International, focusing on technology consulting, engineering, and market research.

Levente Bundik - Solution Engineer @ memoQ

Upon joining memoQ, Levente was an integral part of the memoQ support team. After learning the ins and outs of memoQ, especially maintaining memoQ TMS, he transitioned into a support engineer role. His area of expertise includes memoQ TMS related tasks, mainly migrating whole systems and overseeing the deployment of new memoQ TMS environments. He is also part of the memoQ release team which oversees the QA process and the release of newer versions.

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