Trading the UI for the API with Jourik Ciesielski

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Following his masterclass presentation at memoQfest, Jourik Ciesielski is once again back with his presentation dedicated to memoQ APIs. 

In this free webinar, Jourik will present the memoQ APIs, including the differences between SOAP APIs and REST APIs, followed by:

An overview of the building blocks needed to construct memoQ WS API calls.

An explanation of how to list the memoQ server users using the WS API.

An explanation of how to list light resources, project templates specifically, using the WS API.

A short demo of a Python application that creates a memoQ project based on a template.

… and more to help you learn the ins and outs of using memoQ APIs during translation. 

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Jourik Ciesielski - CTO, Yamagata

Jourik Ciesielski holds a Master in Translation as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Specialized Translation from KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts, Campus Sint-Andries in Antwerp (Belgium). In 2013 he started as an intern at Yamagata Europe in Ghent (Belgium) as part of his studies and then stayed with the company as full-time Localization QA Operator. His strong interest in language technology made him move to the position of Localization Engineer. He accepted the role of Chief Technology Officer in January 2023.

Yamagata Europe is a content solutions agency focusing on technical writing, translation, localization, and printing. The company developed the automated quality assurance tool QA Distiller and is an early adopter of MT in the translation process.

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