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Introduce an efficient CAT tool to boost localization workflow that takes over old processes; Centralize translation assets in a server-based translation memory and term base.


Find the most optimal translation software that meets all the needs of BAUR.
customer stories


68% cost saving - Centralized translation assets, consistency between software and documentation, automated user interface localization, real-time glossary on the web, and efficient collaboration.
“BAUR saved more than 68% over old processes using the memoQ server technology”
Localization Expert at BAUR

The Austrian company BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH is a worldwide leader in high voltage testing and measurement. BAUR started localization in 2006, localized into 17 languages in 2007 and extends localization to 22 languages in 2008. The company adopted memoQ and – working together with the internal development department – established processes that yielded a saving of 68% on localization.

BAUR’s System and Localization Needs

BAUR uses CMS including Typo3 and AuthorIT. The firmware of the software uses a proprietary format for localization. The company used to subcontract all its translation to a multilingual localization vendor, but the generation of the final document happened at BAUR. BAUR centralized its translation assets in server-based translation memory and term base, and introduced memoQ in their translation workflow.

Tangible Results

  • Automates all user interface localization
  • Ensures consistency between software and documentation
  • Provides a real-time glossary on the web for translation, manufacturing, and marketing
  • Integrates all corporate content
  • Enables collaboration between translators, terminologists and corporate language personnel

About BAUR

As a market leader in the service and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems and their components, BAUR has been making a significant contribution to efficient and problem-free power supply around the world for 70 years.

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