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7 Reasons Why memoQ is your Translation Management System (TMS) of Choice

When we decided to create memoQ, we wanted to change the way translators work. We spent valuable time designing an application that focuses on productivity and quality, and which is easy to use for translators all over the world. However, changing the way translators work also meant having to deal with how translation companies and enterprises handle localization. We understood that localization cycle involves different parts working closely together and that in order to boost productivity and efficiency for one of them, we inevitably had to work on the whole. Much of our recent efforts and the ones to come will be directed to transforming localization from a business point of view, helping companies streamline their processes so that they can operate on a global scale effortlessly.
If you are planning on investing in translation technology for your company or switching from your existing translation management system (TMS) to another one, you might consider memoQ. Perhaps you already know a thing or two about it, but still have too many questions: Is it worth the investment? How reliable is their customer support? Who is the team behind the company? In the following lines we would like to help you find answers to these questions, and offer you 7 reasons to choose memoQ:

1. First-class Industry Support

Providing first-class industry support is one of the cornerstones of our organization and our way of placing our customers at the center of everything we do. Our team of support engineers works around-the-clock every week day to assist you with technical requests and inquiries. Perhaps, one of the best things about our support service is how easy it is to reach our technical team. It can be done through a simple ticketing system on our website or via email at

7 reasons why memoQ

Finding Answers to Your Questions

We have a vast pool of online resources where you can find answers to your questions or simply learn more about memoQ, whether you are getting started or if you are already a user facing new challenges. We encourage our users and customers to follow external resources as well, as there is a very helpful and enthusiastic community around memoQ.

Guides and e-books: if you want to start using memoQ quickly or educate yourself on translation technology, then our guides and eBooks are the right place to get started. One of our favorite eBooks is “LocLand: The land of games localization”, which we created for game publishers and developers looking to market their games globally.

The memoQ Knowledge Base: Here you can find practical articles on memoQ and learn from the experience and inquiries of other users.

The memoQ Help: A searchable online platform to learn the steps required to perform different actions and processes in memoQ.

Webinars: Our team delivers free monthly webinars on different topics to help you master memoQ and learn more about translation technology. The best part is that we record every session, so you can watch them later at the comfort of your couch.

Our blog and social media channels: where we share industry insights, tips & tricks, articles, interviews and all kind of stories about memoQ but also about our brand, the people behind our team and community. If you have never read our blog, here we invite you to start with the interview we did with Susan Starling, a financial translator who is also a long-time memoQ user. Read on to see how Susan leverages LiveDocs, the alignment module in memoQ, which also happens to be one of the best in the translation technology industry.  

As you have seen, we have listed memoQ webinars above, and the thing is, we're not the only ones doing these. Earlier this year, Nimdzi, an independent market research company, published a comparative analysis on the most popular translation management systems. Watch their webinar if you want a different perspective of the different platforms available in the market:

Based on their independent comparative analysis, Konstantin Dranch, chief researcher at Nimdzi Insights added: “memoQ is extremely popular with translation companies in Europe, typically holding a top-2 through to top-4 spot in the UK, France, Finland, Baltic states, and other countries. LSPs like it because memoQ can work with proprietary formats of other CAT-tools, thus replacing the need to have a large park of software licenses. At the same time, the product offers an extended feature set for translators and empowers them somewhat better than competitive products. While other TMS may suit the needs of project managers or developers better, memoQ is regularly the choice of those organizations that have the interests of translators at heart.”

7 reasons why memoQ

2. memoQ Features Thought by You!

Fourteen years ago, memoQ was created by three experienced language technologists, and it continues to evolve thanks to our team of linguists and software developers. However, we don’t just rely on inhouse talent to know what to develop: Much of what we do comes from listening carefully to our customers! Every month, we receive multiple feature requests from our users − and we greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, we can not channel them all into our development pipeline, this is why we announce new features only when we know for sure we are able to deliver them in the upcoming releases. Each of these minor version focuses on different themes and some of these themes even span across two or three minor versions. And some releases address functionality with a lot of potential, you can expect us to keep working on it or on related functionality for 2 or 3 minor versions.

Killer Functionality in memoQ: terminology management

memoQ offers exceptionally rich built-in features coverage with the core product, which - together with centralized termbase management at server-level and by enabling real-time collaboration at server-level - will help you improve translation quality, and control on your multilingual content.

If you take terminology seriously, you need QTerm, a browser-based terminology management system. With a well-defined corporate terminology, you can streamline your communications and save up to 40 times the cost that you invest into terminology management. It allows you to tailor your term entries to the needs of your organization, and it enables everybody in the organization to look up and suggest terms. Last but not least it offers you custom term structure and relations mapping, guest access and validation, and more supported exchange file formats.

The newest improvements:

Targeted term base selection for quality assurance

Easier contextualization of term entries

Visual context

Storing last preferred user settings

Improved visualization and filtering options for forbidden terms

Custom defined sublanguages handling

Term extraction improvements

Dictionary creation from term base

Improved term relation management

Improved quick search options

Highly improved API-support (QTerm-specific) 

Learn more about Terminology Management Improvement in memoQ

Industry Specific Functionality: The Case of Gaming Localization

memoQ has tons of functionality, and different industries make use of different features according to their business needs. Video games and entertainment have been one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and because of its global nature, they need to invest in translation technology to market their products across different markets.

To showcase the functionality that memoQ offers for companies in this industry, let us take a look at how Playrix, a world-leading games developer, used memoQ to streamline their localization processes. Playrix produces games that are translated into more than 17 languages, and for them, localization and consistency were some of their biggest challenges. 

Before implementing memoQ, sorting workflow charts was complicated and time-consuming. But memoQ's glossary has solved their problems related to localization contextual consistency. They also now rely on a powerful translation memory which recognizes similar parts of a text in a document and avoids having to translate the same segment twice. The translation memory also stores their translations in a database so they can re-use them for future projects, cutting localization costs down in the long run.

Thanks to memoQ, they have managed to save efforts and streamline processes, and can now execute localization work 30% more effectively.

Knowing the languages you translate to and from is one thing, but mastering your CAT tool and its automated quality control module is something very different. Good translators possess both of these skills.” Read Michał Tosza's blog post about translation quality assurance in memoQ.

Pseudo-translation is useful in software localization. Its purpose is to create a "translation" that is visibly different from the source text. This makes it easier to spot those software strings that were not made localizable. Pseudo-translation is also useful to check for resizing issues. Read the following post by Stefan Weimar, where he uses Pseudo Translation to configure the memoQ XML import filter.

Do you Want to Market your Games Globally?

memoQ is the translation management system of choice for leading game publishers all over the world. Learn more about games localization solutions!

3. The Team Behind the Products

We believe that human values play a prominent role in establishing the credibility of our brand and in gaining the trust of our customers.

A good way of exalting the human aspect of our business is by working with people who understand the challenges that translation entails and who know how localization software should work. Making good software requires understanding these customers’ needs, behavior and challenges, and the process involves regular conversations and discussions.

Another way is having a team that reflects the nature and diversity of our customer base. memoQ is global brand, and it’s used by translators, agencies and enterprises from all around the globe. Even if most of our customers are located in Europe, much of our recent growth has come from other regions like North America, Japan and Asia Pacific. Like our customers, our team is also spread across different countries and includes people from different nationalities, including Hungarian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Canadian and Argentinean. We believe this equilibrium that exists between the two, help us serve our customers better and allows us to act locally while still pursuing global goals.

7 reasons why memoQ

Meet our Team at memoQfest - The International Hub for Translation Technology

Sharing our professional experience with each other is important, so much so, that since 2009 we called for a translation technology event, memoQfest, which has become one of the most special conferences within the industry. This year we celebrated the eleventh edition and the most attended one: 250 people from 41 countries came to learn about the latest trends in translation technology, and get valuable insights from the memoQ team. If you did not have a chance to attend, do not worry, you can still recreate the experience by checking out the conference sessions, presentations, and pictures.

7 reasons why memoQ

4. User Experience that Meets your Needs

We want everyone to have a pleasant experience every time they open memoQ, whether they work as project managers, translators, reviewers or system administrators. Still, we are fully aware that there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to user experience (UX) and usability. This is the reason why we have set-up a dedicated team that works hard to make it accessible and friendlier.

Recently, this team has been busy revamping memoQWeb, as a response to the increasing demand for cross-platform solutions. With memoQ 9.0, we introduced a brand new user interface (UI) and functionality powered by cutting-edge web technology to deliver a seamless and delightful user experience.

Are you a memoQ User Already?

Join our the memoQ Design Lab and have your voice heard

5. Security and Performance

Every day it seems that more systems are breached and sensitive information is leaked out on the web. With all the threats to security, it is vital that we take the necessary measures to protect your business data. But security is just one dimension of IT infrastructure, and we are also sure that having power and speed is equally important to you. And of course, if you are using our cloud systems, having the possibility to scale your consumption up or down according your business needs.

The memoQ services team is in charge of dealing with all these aspects, often invisible to most of us, but critical to your business operations. Without proper management and planning it would be impossible to even think of new features, or integrations to other systems.

7 reasons why memoQ

Security in memoQ cloud & memoQ server

With memoQ server, the on-premise translation management system, security is less of a concern. However, data is more vulnerable when in the cloud, and this is why all network communications between memoQ cloud and desktop memoQ applications are encrypted. Your data is protected by our robust system architecture and backed-up on a daily basis.

Our team also assesses the capabilities of our infrastructure regularly to make sure you always experience the best performance. Constant monitoring by our team helps prevent bottlenecks that can harm performance or endanger the stability of our systems.

As a matter of fact, many of our customers initially subscribed to memoQ cloud to satisfy the needs of small localization teams which scale up fast at certain times of the year − usually when international releases occur. However, many others have quickly grown into bigger permanent teams. In any case, everyone can adjust their subscription package according to their business demands, and experience the same kind of performance regardless of how much they consume.

When speaking of memoQ cloud, customers can also choose geographically among three different regional centers, to access infrastructure close to them. One of these centers resides in Europe, while the other two are located in MS Azure Japan East and West US, to bring memoQ cloud among the most reliable SaaS products.

Protecting your Data with memoQ server

What do you think is your most valuable asset? Data, you say? You’re right!

7 reasons why memoQ

6. Automation and Integrations for Advanced Workflows

Most companies work with recurring project types, but sometimes you need to accommodate flexibility. memoQ’s philosophy is to allow complete flexibility and automate as much as possible.

When choosing a (new) TMS, you will most likely take into account your overall technology goals and try to understand what is the best solution for your organization long-term results and system efficiency. You need a tool that is flexible enough and capable of creating customized workflows.

Having to go through every translation technology provider's offering is time-consuming. If you do not have the knowledge or the time to compare each and every single functionality one-by-one, these are still some important factors to consider:

by choosing a well-known and popular tool among translators, you are assuring a nice and broad basis for your vendor management

by investing in a TMS with the richest translation productivity feature-set you are able to equip your vendors with that high level productivity and that results in improved ROI and shorter release time

available pool of file formats supported

reliability of their support team and their workflow is good enough


avoiding a failed implementation

scalability not only from the infrastructural perspective but also from the human - resources and vendor perspective

automation and integrations

memoQ technology has a strong proposition for all of these issues above.

If you have complex requirements, ready-made connectors can be a bottleneck in your processes, and they might not be a good fit for your long-term strategy. Whether you are just stepping into the global market, or already growing extensively, custom integrations with proper implementation are the key to succeed in your translation and localization processes.

Project Templates for Automation

The idea behind project templates and workflow automation in memoQ is a very simple desire to make the project manager more productive.

When creating a new project there is an awful lot of repetition. We wanted to reduce the number of clicks a project manager needs to execute before launching the project. We came up with the arbitrary number of 80%. We hoped that a feature that reduces the amount of work on a given task by four fifths would very likely be welcome.

With project templates you can automate project creation, naming patterns, quality assurance, and even project export setting to standardize best practices all along your localization workflow.

Learn more about Automating Translation Projects with memoQ

7. Streamlined Localization Processes: Business Services

Subscribing to memoQ cloud or purchasing a memoQ server is just the first step along the road. Yet, owing the most advanced system in the world won’t be of much help if it is not properly implemented, if data is not migrated appropriately from your previous system to memoQ, or if your localization process is already broken.

Equally important is training and supporting the team that will be using the software day in and out. Learning through trial and error is expensive for your organization, and it is well-known that a client starting with a training will begin their journey with a higher knowledge level than those who are released after the kick-off.

These are just some of the known money drains that will prevent your organization from leveraging our technology the way you are supposed to. We want you to be able to get a decent ROI out of your investment, and this is why we have a team of translation technology experts on demand.

Whether it is setting up your server properly, creating an automated workflow that meets your team’s requirements, or developing a custom integration to a proprietary system, our Business Services team is happy to help you.

7 reasons why memoQ

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