Hidden Treasures in memoQ

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There are some features in memoQ that you will only find by accident and others might hide behind shortcut keys that do not have an icon on the menu ribbon.

In this webinar, we will take a look at some of these features and how to use them.

The following will be shown:

What you can find when using a right mouse click.

Help to work faster with documents, search&replace and tags.

Help for locking segments in different languages.

What the results list can show or hide.

You Will Listen to

Angelika Zerfass
Angelika Zerfass

Angelika once earned a degree in translation for Chinese and Japanese, but moved very early in her career to the more technical side of the translation business.

Angelika has been a trainer for translation tools for the last 20 years and has worked with memoQ since the tool came to market in 2006.

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