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Acquire a CAT tool and maximize its use and integration in the workflow to achieve better turnarounds without compromising on quality.

Ensure that past content is made quickly and conveniently available to the translation team to optimize how it is being leveraged both in new and updated translations.


Alignment with the company’s tone and terminology throughout their various communication platforms.
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Optimized processes, improved collaboration, and high-quality project results.
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“memoQ cloud gives us the flexibility we need by allowing for multiple project manager licenses, which, in turn, provides each member of our team with complete control of their workflow from start to finish while still sharing a collaborative environment.”
Manager, Translation & Language Services

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Hockey Canada 


Hockey Canada is delighted with the results they’ve achieved as a memoQ cloud customer.

We asked Sébastien Pilon, Manager of Translation & Language Services at Hockey Canada, to share their experience with memoQ.

“At Hockey Canada, the translation team consists of three translators that typically work individually on given requests. We always strive for consistency and cohesion as it relates to the organization’s tone and terminology throughout the content produced, whether through social media and web platforms, various resources and documentation or traditional media. Shared tools in memoQ cloud, such as term bases for lexicon entries and muses for predictive typing, offer powerful solutions to provide seamless translations. Combined with the translation memory management functionalities with which results can be tailored and customized to the scope of any given project, these tools have become essentials that simultaneously enhance the speed and quality of our work.”


About Hockey Canada


Hockey Canada is the governing body for hockey in Canada and a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), with a membership through its 13 Member associations of over 750,000 players, coaches and officials. Hockey Canada is a not-for-profit organization that creates leading-edge hockey development programs for its members to deliver in communities across Canada; provides consistent rules and regulations and various other membership services from coast to coast to coast; manages numerous regional, national and international hockey championships and events; and leads the operation of all teams that represent Canada in international competition. Hockey Canada’s mission is to lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences. For more information on Hockey Canada, please visit or follow through social media on Facebook and Twitter.


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