Jira integration



Translation automation is available for content stored in Jira, one of the world's most popular issue and project tracking software, through memoQ’s Jira connector 

Why integrate with memoQ?

  • Eliminate manual interference across the entire round-trip translation workflow 
  • Submit issues for translation in just a few clicks from the very interface you're working on 
  • Benefit from automated data movement and more efficient import and export processes  
  • Reduce the risk of human error carried by manual processes and cut turnaround times 

How does it work?  

In Jira, you’ll see a Translate button for each issue you work on. Click the button if you need the attached documents of any of the issues translated. Set the translation task on the configuration page that opens on click and then select which translation template to apply to create a memoQ project. The Jira ticket will then be updated with the wordcount based on memoQ’s analysis as well as the translated document, or documents, once they’re submitted. 


The Jira connector has three main components. The Jira plugin can be added to both Jira Cloud and Jira Data Centers by administrators to create a Translate button and allow users to initiate the translation process through the application. The web application plays well with all types of memoQ server deployment and uses WS API to communicate with the memoQ server. Project templates are pre-configured by memoQ users and listed by the connector, so teams can pick the one that best suits their needs.