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What is a Term Base?

What is a Term Base?

A term base or glossary is a database containing single words or expressions related to a specific subject. Terms in term bases are often bilingual or even multilingual. 

How Does it Work?

Term base is an integrated feature in memoQ translator pro, translation software. You may import existing glossaries, and add/update terms as you translate. You can combine several bilingual glossaries into multilingual ones, and mark forbidden terms.

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Did you know?

memoQ offers QTerm, professional terminology management system, which is a more advanced system opposed to term base. With QTerm, you can turn your terminology into a corporate asset that facilitates internal and external communication, increases brand awareness, improves the quality of technical communication, and cuts the costs of terminology-related efforts and reduces misunderstandings. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Term Base?

Increases consistency: A properly built term base enables you to keep your core message consistent. When working on multiple translation projects within an organization with several collaborators involved, consistency is essential.

Improves translation quality: By managing terminology and defining forbidden terms, you can make sure that unwanted words or expressions won’t be used by translators.

Speeds up translation: memoQ is designed to provide easy and straightforward use and access to terminology resources. 

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