Hello, memoQ 10.5!

memoQ 10.5 is here, packed with new functionality based on your ideas as well as our own to help you achieve a smooth, connected translation workflow. The In-country review (ICR) tool has received a makeover for easier navigation, and you can now work more efficiently as a project manager or as an in-country reviewer. Additionally, you can find updates to LiveDocs on memoQweb, machine translation tweaks, and smaller feature additions.

Updates to memoQ’s In-country review tool

memoQ’s In-country review tool (ICR) is constantly updated so that the review step by subject matter experts can go as smoothly as possible within memoQ.

In-app spell checker

Previously, users could only rely on the browser's built-in spell checker, if properly configured. Now, the In-country review (ICR) tool includes a 'Check spelling and get suggestions' toggle on the toolbar. With this option enabled by default, the ICR tool highlights spelling errors on the translation grid with a curly underline. Hovering over this underline provides correction suggestions and allows users to 'Skip all' occurrences of that word in the document if needed. This spellcheck feature uses the Hunspell service configured for memoQWeb in the Server Administrator.

Highlight filter matches

When users utilize the filter option in the app, not only are the relevant rows filtered, but the searched-for text is now also highlighted in each row for better focus.

Improved navigation

We've added a 'Jump to row' button on the toolbar, allowing the reviewer to directly enter the row number they want to navigate to. This eliminates the need for manual scrolling to find a specific row. Additionally, a dedicated keyboard shortcut allows you to refocus on the currently active target segment from anywhere in the app.

These enhancements are particularly beneficial for users with accessibility issues, as visually scrolling and refocusing can be more challenging regardless as to if they use a screen reader software.

Sidebar: “Focus on row” view and other changes

We began with a user idea, namely the need for a view where users don't have to switch between the three tabs (Terms/Comments/Issues) to access all relevant information for a specific row. As a result:

  • The Terms tab in the sidebar is now replaced with the 'Focus on row' tab. This tab displays terms, comments, and issues relevant to the active row on the translation grid.
  • The 'Focus on row' tab is set as the default view, but users can manually switch to the Comments or Issues tab to concentrate on only comments or issues in the document.
  • The 'Auto-switch to Terms panel' option is replaced under Settings with the ‘Auto-switch to Focus on row tab’ toggle to allow the user to set their preference on how the sidebar works.
  • The metadata of the selected term is now displayed directly under the term inside the term card on the 'Focus on row' tab, providing a focused view of all relevant term information.

To achieve a cleaner appearance, only the comment/issue of the selected card is highlighted in the active edit box.

Adding comments to a selected piece of text is now facilitated by displaying an 'Add comment' tooltip above.

To enhance accessibility, tooltips and ARIA labels are added to tab header items, comment cards, and issue cards.

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TM+ checkbox has become checked by default for creating or importing a TM on the desktop client

We have updated the TM+ feature for a more streamlined workflow and optimized user experience.

So far, the TM+ feature has not been the default choice for creating a new Translation Memory (TM) or executing a TM batch import. From memoQ 10.5 on, the TM+ checkbox will be pre-selected as the default option for both these use cases within the user interface. This enhancement ensures that new TMs will automatically be created as TM+, unless the user opts to uncheck the checkbox on the UI. We believe this adjustment will streamline and optimize your workflow for an improved user experience.

Machine translation improvements

A couple of updates were added to Microsoft MT and Intento.

Support Custom Endpoints in Microsoft MT

For those highly concerned about security and data privacy, working with MT no longer entails being exposed to travel-sensitive data on the public internet. Azure & Microsoft MT provide access to MT service via private network and now memoQ MS MT plugin can work with it. Users having access to the custom endpoints of MS MT now can configure it in the MT plugin and can work with it just as smoothly as with the general MS MT service.

Identify engine in Intento MT translations

From memoQ 10.5 on, users can track the actual source of MT translations coming from Intento. This allows users to analyze their actual MT use including which engine had been used through Intento.

Improvements to LiveDocs on memoQweb

Create and delete LiveDocs on memoQweb as a project manager.

LiveDocs features on memoQweb have been improved. From memoQ 10.5 on, you can create and delete LiveDocs on memoQweb as a project manager. In addition, you can also edit LiveDocs properties. The new functionality is available on the Resources tab in the project view, as well as under Resources.


Other features and improvements

We have included some smaller features and improvements based on our users’ feedback and requests.

Update default browser from IE to Edge

When clicking on a link in a document preview, memoQ will now open Microsoft Edge as the default browser instead of Internet Explorer.

Updated LiveDocs UI

The commands Split and Join are visible in the context menu and also in the memoQ ribbon’s Alignment tab for better visibility. This is to make sure that the context menu and the memoQ ribbon have the same items relevant to the LiveDocs Alignment screen:

  • Remove All Auto Links
  • Confirm All Auto Links
  • Export to TM
  • Add Term
  • Quick Add Term
  • Add Non-translatable.
New call-to-action
New call-to-action

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Change logs

Januar 31, 2024
BUG-13124: Improvement: Decreased memory consumption of TM+
BUG-13137: Improvement: You can disable spellcheck suggestions in QA to increase performance

BUG-13107 Cascading filter: Tabulator characters may be imported as tags and may be lost upon export
BUG-12986 Machine Translation: Systran MT:  Quotes may by replaced with " HTML entities during pre-translation
BUG-13161 Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: You may receive an error about unsupported language for the Serbian (Latin) and English (United States) language pair
BUG-11254 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When such a filter is combined with a regex filter, some translations may not appear in exported documents under rare circumstances
BUG-12940 You may not be able to open the Admin menu through the legacy memoQWeb interface after applying certain vulnerability fixes
BUG-13088 [TM+]: Converting a Translation Memory to TM+ removes Tags from Fuzzy matches
BUG-12938 Error saving rows and failed translation lookups if certain types of translation results are enabled on memoQWeb
BUG-13132 Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: Under rare circumstances some source text may remain in exported documents when you apply in-place translation
BUG-13053 Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: Custom model settings may not be retained
BUG-12441 Storage space occupied by Customer Portal is not shown in the Storage window of Server Administrator
BUG-13081 Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: Some source text may remain in exported documents under rare circumstances
BUG-13068 XLIFF filter: An error in handling whitespaces around comments added in memoQ may cause line breaks and whitespaces to disappear in exported documents
BUG-13059 memoQWeb: You may not be able to view the Concordance window if previously it has been closed in a screen location that is outside the coordinates of your current screen estate
BUG-12232 Phrase (Memsource) XLIFF (MXLIFF) filter: An error with preview creation may prevent importing a document
BUG-13077 Regex text filter: You may be able to save an invalid regular expression, and doing so may result in your existing (correct) part of the regular expression be cleared
BUG-12758 Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Soft line-break characters in text boxes may not ne imported as inline tags
BUG-12988 QTerm: Values may not be added to custom QTerm fields when importing data from a CSV file
BUG-13117 memoQWeb: Only up to 5 translation results originating from TMs are displayed

Initial 10.5 release was 10.5.5