Hello, memoQ 8.0!

memoQ 8.0 is based on the full scale of the memoQ solution environment to provide durability and flexibility all along with the existing memoQ systems.


Project management

The HTML-based preview pane in memoQ has long been one of the software’s strongest assets. We have made it even better! See what is new in the memoQ preview pane here

Multi-Window Project Management


Are you a multitasker? Well, if you are a Project Manager you should well be! memoQ 8.0 will help you get rid of idle times by introducing multi-window project management. You’ve been asking for it, now you get it: open as many online projects as you want, take care of burning matters, then return to your work at hand. Just don’t come back complaining about missing those coffee breaks!

Online project backups, restore and auto-archive


Is there anything more distracting than those never-have-been-started, long-forgotten or even abandoned projects residing on your workspace waiting impatiently for you to find time to finally get rid of them? Now you can archive these manually – and you can even set up a rule to do that automatically when projects are completed or wrapped up. Of course, you can restore anything should you ever need it again. This process actually removes these projects from the database and the file system to help not only your ergonomy, but also your machine performance.

Task Tracker


Do you have megaprojects and mega-sized resources to take care of? The coolest Project Managers all do! It is for them we created the Task Tracker: it is not only tracking task progress – but you can send lengthy operations into the background, and, instead of a short coffee break, you can get on straight away with the next task… No more waiting for the import of gigantic folder structures, the exporting internet-sized translation projects! Save more time in Project Management with Task Tracker!

More windows to stay open


It is not only multiple online projects you can keep open simultaneously on your screen! memoQ 8.0 works with several windows too: you can open the Resource console, the Server administrator, the Manage projects and the Options and keep them open at the same time – while the main window can display Dashboard or Project home. memoQ has become a truly multi-window application with 8.0!

Finance and sales

Be in control of your finances: manage your in-house and external linguistics ideally, plan your costs and resources, and use the brand-new reporting platform to create powerful reports!

Availability Calendar


Are you managing your team or company? You’ve just forgotten again that Joe is on yoga class every Thursday morning? Use the availability calendar with your team to avoid surprizes.


Manage your resources


Your staff is just sitting around bored? But next day they are working like crazy struggling to keep up? Using the availability calendar together with the project assignment tools will help you eliminate idle times and smooth the edges of crazy rush hours. You will even see how much work you have handed out to your external vendors.

Keep a record of your online projects


No more surprizes for translation organizations! Track the costs and the progress of each project, have a first-glance view of all your resources – or estimate your project costs even before you press the start button!

Introducing the new reporting platform


memoQ 8.0 introduces the new Reporting Platform on memoQ’s Language Terminal with two brand new reports to assist your organization in your finances and sales. Check the numbers of incoming project data with the input report. Assist your sales people to produce more data-driven offers by collecting data on your output in the professional fields in question with the new output report. A great selection of further reports will be rolled out in the weeks following!
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Client management

Satisfy your clients at every step of the way! Meet the amazing Customer Portal, the newest item in the ever-evolving memoQ environment!

Request Quotes, Autoquote, Start job


Your client will be able to log in on your own Customer Portal’s client interface. The customers can now start working with you right away: they can upload the translatable files and send you a quote request.

Are they trusted, regular customers? Or maybe members of your organization who regularly need to request jobs from your translation department? You can allow them to use autoquote to automatically create a quote, and they can even start a translation job via your portal.

Track Status


After accepting the quote your clients will be able to observe project status in Customer Portal. Track Status shows them, on a percentage bar, the project stage and the current rate of completion. It is a friendly feature that uses your memoQ server information to project data to your customer.

Recieve/Approve quotes


Your customers receive the manual quotes you created based on their uploaded documents. After review, they can approve the quote and thereby order the job. Your Project Managers will then see the translation project appearing in their native workflows in memoQ indicating that the job in question is a Customer Portal project. From then on, your staff takes over and you complete the assignment.

Can it be any more exciting? Of course it can. In case of an automated process the system creates the quote, and, if your customer approves, memoQ can take over and even start an automated workflow!

Download Completed Files


Have you competed the job? Fantastic – you will deliver instantly via Customer Portal. What will your client see? They will see that status track bar is completed and the files have been translated – and, at this point, they will be able to download the files right from the client interface. No more lost emails and deliveries via skype! All you have to do left is write the bill…
memoQ Machine Translation

Translation work

Got a lot of work from pharma, medical and legal clients? Are you the guy who has to work with those colourful change-tracked files going around endlessly? We have news for you: memoQ 8.0 brings you full Track Changes support and more!

Set your availability and log times


Are you worried that you get two big jobs at the same time? You want to make sure that you are properly billed when you are working for the hour? Get on memoQ’s Language Terminal and check out the new enhancement introduced by memoQ 8.0: set your availability on a calendar, and also log your hours.

When you are working on an LT-based online project for your client and charging by the hour, using the log times feature will give you something extra: when you close the project it will tell you how many hours you have reported so far and lets you report any extra hours you deem necessary.

Find segments with a certain match rate


After the pre-translation of a document, different fuzzy matches may require different treatment. Matches over 95% are almost exact matches – you may want to start translating these and then proceed with the more difficult segments later, or the other way around. With memoQ 8.0 you can now easily achieve this, fight procrastination or build up a work strategy for an urgent job using the new filter by match rate function.

New Compare Box for Fuzzy Matches


You remember those color-coded fields containing the fuzzy matches? Do you remember what the colors represented? Well, it turns out that not many of you did – so we decided to do away with color codes and introduce something more visible: a tracked changes-type view of the difference between the source segment and the segment offered up by memoQ. It will be much easier to spot the differences from now on!

Introducing the new Track Changes

Are you the guy having to work on those documents full of colorful changes tracked? Worry no more! To the delight of many working mainly in the pharma, legal and medical industries memoQ 8.0 gives you the new Track Changes function!

Track Changes works very much like the one you are used to in Word, and addresses three major use cases: when you translate the tracked changes as tracked changes; when you translate the edited version of a previously translated document; and when you use the function to review a translation.

New pseudo-translation mechanism


Are you working in localization? If the answer is yes, the chances are you will have been using pseudo-translation to check out whether all strings have been imported for translation or not, to test whether documents have been exported properly, or any time when you wish to see if the translation will fit in the available space. memoQ 8.0 gives you a highly customizable pseudo-translation – you can save and load older configurations, plus it supports Eastern languages.

New Change Case behavior: a menu


Press Shift+F3 and you can change the capitalization of a text. However, for a translator, it can be annoying to have to keep pressing the key combination again and again in case of a longer selection – and it is especially annoying when you miss your chance and, consequently, you have to start the cycle again. And again. Now we give you a small menu with the options – so you will be over with it in a maximum of 3 or 4 keystrokes. Seems like a small thing? You will see how much it helps your work!

Change Logs

memoQ 8.0.33
Mai 23, 2017
Tomorrow we are releasing a new version for memoQ. Yes, you read it correctly! memoQ 8.1 is coming tomorrow. So here is the key point: If you plan to run memoQ 8.0 and memoQ 8.1 simultaneously, we ask you to download and install this build we are releasing for memoQ 8.0 (version 8.0.33).
0030105: Japanese/Chinese typing in webtrans editbox: typed text is not inserted where the cursor is.
0029761: SDLPPX: TM not visible when importing the package.
0030133: Cannot open view in project created from handoff package.
0030126: PPTX: Cannot import specific documents when the "Import sections" checkbox is selected.
0030118: Creating online project from specific template fails.
0029969: Error while attempting to close document.
0030029: Termbase hits compatibility between 7.8 and 8.0.
0029862: Find and replace function skips the segment that has the character that needs to be replaced.
0030043: XML: exported final file contains the memoQ track changes.
0029961: Error when selecting Chinese language in memoQWeb spelling.
0030126: PPTX: Cannot import specific documents when the "Import sections" checkbox is selected.
0029994: Progress dialog is not working when exporting a TM.
0030120: DOCX: Unable to export in some cases.
0030047: Regex + HTML: Specific file cannot be exported.
0030001: DOCX: Import fails for specific file with tracked changes.
0030004: memoQ becomes unresponsive when confirming segment in large view.
0029847: We have tweaked the Toggle case feature according to your feedback: pressing Shift-F3 repeatedly will also cycle between the choices.
0027686: Regex Text filter: import hung in specific cases.
0028658: Connection to MemoQ Server via WS API got rejected from localhost when IP filtering was turned on.
0029508: Customer Portal - Editing services in mqweb - templates order random.
0029579: Finances Pane - People and Prices - pricing unit names have been changed to singular, truncation issues resolved.
0029600: Project management - Automated actions section opened after the second click only.
0029661: Refinements to the "Active user is different" dialog.
0029710: HTML: We've added an option to add BOM to exported files or not.
0029714: It was impossible to filter projects by assigned subvendor on the memoQ dashboard.
0029758: QTerm: Direct URL does not directly lead to the entry for guest users.
0029759: DOCX: Converted PDF document using ABBYY FineReader 14 could not be imported.
0029810: X-Translate: rows with inline tags containing translatable attributes in a separate row were not x-translated.
0029812: Customer Portal: confirmation message for "Delete contact" operation contained wrong text, referred to a quote being deleted.
0029861: Performance counters could not be refreshed.
0029867: Language Terminal / Customer Portal: User merge failed when both users were set as PMs of a given customer portal group.
0029871: XLIFF: trans-units failed to import if the states needed to be mapped to "rejected".
0029875: XSLT preview: inline tag formatting was not working properly in specific case.
0029878: XML: Segmentation around processing instructions was changed erroneously.
0029879: Importing update mqout package into server with new languages incorrectly imported new resources.
0029882: QA gave false warnings about missing and extra tags in specific cases.
0029885: DOCX: The export failed because of incorrectly paired inline tags.
0029886: QA - "Attribute is not defined" warning was displayed instead of "changed tag order".
0029891: QA results window was blank when selecting "Check translation memory" option.
0029899: Internal application error occurred when selecting an 8.0 server in a 7.8 client and clicking "Check Out From Server" on the Dashboard.
0029902: QA - False bracket/quote warnings if the marks were not defined as punctuation marks in one of the languages.
0029905: Opening an exported Word document resulted in an error message in a specific case.
0029906: Task tracker caused the project management window to freeze when exporting a document as bilingual.
0029910: Some user-written rules did not work in the tags®ex QA check.
0029918: Customer Portal registration status was not correctly saved.
0029921: XLIFF: in some specific cases, space characters were not imported from 3rd party XLIFF files.
0029922: memoQ client AutoUpdate was not working in Windows versions above Windows 7. We have fixed the updater, and automatic updates will start to work for the update coming after this one..
0029925: It was impossible to copy text from the details pane of the Task Tracker window.
0029927: XML handling: newline entities in attribute values were incorrectly exported as literal newlines.
0029928: The WSAPI allowed an attempt to convert a moderated memoQ TB to QTerm, which failed and left the term base in an inconsistent state.
0029932: "Export (stored path)" stopped working when removing a target language from a local project and then publishing it.
0029933: A general error occurred during Transit package export in specific cases.
0029939: Creating a new online project from a default template failed using 8.0.29 client and 28/29 server.
0029941: Custom code execution timeout was not handled gracefully.
0029942: PPTX: Importing a document containing an equation failed.
0029943: We have fixed several minor issues in the Task tracker feature to automatically remove tasks after a given number of days.
0029946: We have fixed several minor GUI and text issues in the "Resolve language conflicts" of the Pseudo-translate feature.
0029949: Disabling non-translatables disabled automatic insertion.
0029952: SDLXLIFF: comment was not exported into catalog for trans units with non-translatables content.
0029956: Exporting a bilingual from an empty view caused an error.
0029964: Changing default server resources from the "factory" defaults did not work.
0029970: Project metadata was lost when importing a translation package (mqout), in a specific case.
0029971: List field from SDL Trados TMX was not imported in a specific case.
0029972: XML: line feed was missing from the exported file in a specific case.
0029676: No document filenames were shown in a CSV file exported after analyzing a project created from a WSXZ package.

0029721: PDF: Only the first page of the document was imported in specific case.

0029729: DOCX: File was corrupted after export in specific case.

0029704: Document history compatibility error occurred in memoQ server 8.0 in specific case.

0029723: In the Add folder structure dialog, typing a new line in the Base path field caused an error.

0029716: "Empty square" characters shown instead of Japanese text in the compare boxes under the Translation results pane in specific case.

0029724: Tauyou MT plugin: No result in memoQ 8.0.

0029717: Multilingual XML filter: importing an XML file with no encoding declaration failed in specific case.

0029421: Character corruption issue in specific case when importing CSV data into QTerm.

0029704: Document history compatibility related error in 8.0 server.

0029703: memoQ server didn't start after installation and activation at first try in specific case.

0029699: "Copy source to target" operation didn't change the segment status on a single segment.

0024059: TM editor showed +1 as ID for new row, even after saving.

0029332: PPTX: importing specific document failed due to validation error.

0029684: memoQ didn't select the template automatically after starting the project creation by clicking on the template next to the New Project button.

0029689: DOCX: memoQ wasn't able to import a DOCX file exported by itself in specific cases with embedded charts.

0029668: Sorting documents by name in a project in didn't take into account the relative path if it was shown: documents were still sorted by their name only.

0029685: memoQ failed to start after install under specific circumstances.

0029649: Customer Portal: on the "Team" page, last column has been renamed to "Status", with values "Active", "Deleted" and "Pending".

0029686: When inserting long target segment from a TM, etc hit, the target segment box in the document didn't expand horizontally.

0029645: Customer Portal: we have removed some unnecessary menu items for features that are not implemented.

0029646: Customer Portal: we have made a change so that memoQ server will also launch the project if a fully automated workflow is initiated, so that no manual launch step is required.

0029651: Customer Portal: We have renamed and rearranged the workflow options in for better clarity.

0029647: Customer Portal: users were able to delete a project template that were associated with services.

Customer Portal: Web browsers are automatically redirected to HTTPS from now.

0029683: DOCX: Exported change-tracked document had too many tabs in specific case.

0029675: User interface issues could prevent the creation of a Language Terminal connected local project from a template.

0029662: DOCX: track changed document failed to export in specific case.

0029680: Opening a specific change-tracked translation document crashed memoQ.

0029673: PO: Gettext filter generated extra lines on export in specific case.

0029520: HTML: memoQ only partially imported a specific HTML document.

0029672: It was impossible to confirm segment in 8.0 in a views.

0029654: WSAPI AvailableCount call returned a value inconsistent with the specification.

0029663: An extra tag was added to an exported file in a specific case.

0029431: XLIFF:doc status mapping related issue.

0029656: An error occurred in a specific case after long user inactivity. The error could not be reproduced – this is a possible fix.

Initial 8.0 release was 8.0.28