memoQ 10.6です!

memoQ 10.6 がリリースされ、フリーランサーと翻訳チームの両方に新機能が追加されました!新しい言語オプション(UI上と言語ペアの両方)、memoQ AGTのアップデートとカスタマイズオプション、その他の細かい改善点をご紹介します。





memoQ AGTをアップデート

新しい敬語設定とTB優先設定でmemoQ AGTの翻訳結果をカスタマイズできます。


memoQ AGTの翻訳をより明確で自然な表現に変更できるようになりました。敬語のルールは言語によって異なります。敬語の区別がない場合もあれば、様々なレベルに分かれている場合もあります。また、ソース言語に応じてターゲット言語の表現を変えなければならない場合もあります。

敬語設定により、希望する敬語のレベルを厳密に指定できるだけではなく、LLMとMTテクノロジーを利用したmemoQ AGTなら、翻訳表現に関する指示を翻訳結果に反映することもできます。


memoQ AGTは、即時のドメインアダプテーションにより、他にはない優れた機械翻訳を実現しています。memoQ AGTでは、言語処理された最新のドメインデータを利用しています。これにより、たとえば、memoQで認証済みの優れた翻訳を機械翻訳の生成に利用できます。


また、LLMではデータの加重が重視される傾向にあります。TBとTMの両方で用語がヒットした場合、最終的にはTMマッチが優先されます。新しいmemoQ AGTでは、言語データに優先順位を設定して翻訳できるようになりました。TB優先設定により、TMマッチやライブ文書マッチよりもTBマッチを優先できます。


Amazon MTが敬語設定に対応

Amazon MTの敬語設定により、翻訳表現や文体を自由に調整できます。

Amazonで翻訳表現を調整できるようになりました。敬語のルールは言語によって異なるため、ソース言語の表現をターゲット言語にそのまま適用できない場合があります。敬語設定により、希望する敬語のレベルを厳密に指定して、Amazon MTの翻訳結果を調整できます。





前翻訳時の機械翻訳のパフォーマンス向上に加え、デスクトップアプリ、memoQweb、Customer Portal、ICRツールのUI言語に中国語(繁体字)を追加しました。




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Change logs

5月 8, 2024
BUG-12644: XLIFF 2 filter: Whitespaces between XML tags don't appear correctly in memoQ
BUG-12722: TM+: In some cases, ID-based context information was stored incorrectly, TM offered no 101% matches
BUG-13044: XLIFF filter: Cannot import specific files where source is empty and target is not (error message: Invalid structural labels)
BUG-13152: XLIFF 2 Filter: Exporting specific XML files leads to a "Nullable object" error message
BUG-13228: XLIFF2 filter: Specific XLF files do not export correctly
BUG-13264: Multilingual Excel filter: Segments missing after import when color scheme configuration contains more than 4 colors to import
BUG-13383: webtrans might freeze when quickly saving translations to an attached TM in a specific project with auto-propagation turned on
BUG-13420: XLIFF 2 filter: Exporting specific XLF files leads to an "Index out of range" error
BUG-13464: memoQ TMS private cloud: Timeout of the DatabaseCleanup function allows the PerfMeasurement database table grow large
BUG-13486: Content connector: Temporary folder's path was too long
BUG-13501: Multilingual Excel filter: Certain line break tags are not visible in the translator editor
BUG-13531: QA: False positive warnings appear for term base entries
BUG-13551: Qterm: Performing a terminology QA check on a specific document using a Qterm TB leads to an "IndexOutOfRangeException" error message
BUG-9697: XLIFF 2 filter: Cannot import a specific document import if the "Segment source based on language rules when there is no target" option is enabled
BUG-12991: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: When translating from Korean, DeepL returns sentences that begin with a lowercase letter.
BUG-13158: Exporting a Transit package containing specific inline tags may fail
BUG-13349: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When importing a file, an incorrectly worded warning message might appear
BUG-13445: When a project template has 2 or more ignore lists for the same language, you cannot edit those ignore lists
BUG-12441: Storage space occupied by Customer Portal is not shown in the Storage window of Server Administrator
BUG-12999: Improved error message about failed lookup attempts in a TB that is being edited
BUG-13124: Improvement: Decreased memory consumption of TM+
BUG-13137: Improvement: You can disable spellcheck suggestions in QA to increase performance

BUG-10969: DOCX filter: Track changes causes additional tags to appear when importing with the Accept all changes option
BUG-12349: In some cases, pre-translating a local project or a checked-out online project with TM-driven segmentation enabled might result in "Refining split/joins regions failed" error
BUG-12631: TM+: In some cases, full file path is stored in the TM+ even if the TM is set to store only document names
BUG-12889: TM+: Lookup/Pre-translate might encounter errors due to hits' format adjustment
BUG-12903: Pressing Insert on the Concordance dialog may delete the segment and replace it with the selected text
BUG-12976: TM+: The memoQ desktop app might not be able to start if a TM is corrupted
BUG-12999: Improved error message about failed lookup attempts in a TB that is being edited
BUG-13078: QA: memoQ doesn't warn about missing or incorrect target term if it is between text or space.
BUG-13089: The Pre-translate automated action does not generate weighted word counts
BUG-13090: TM+: TM configured with double context or simple context doesn't return 102% or 101% matches
BUG-13129: Server outages caused by failed server update
BUG-13139: TM+: In some cases, formatting information is shifted three characters to the right
BUG-13187: Business Analytics: In rare cases, the exported CSV file doesn't include recent changes
BUG-13201: MXLIFF import fails when the segment length limit is not a number
BUG-13220: Qterm: Clicking the Import button resets term base filtering
BUG-13230: Qterm: Exporting a moderated term base into TBX format might lead to an error
BUG-13248: WSAPI: Import via API deletes history of the file
BUG-13251: Translation editor: Keyboard shortcuts don't work in the preview pane
BUG-13273: TM+: Importing a Transit package may fail if the project's translation memory is a TM+
BUG-13287: XLSX filter: Japanese text encoding may become corrupted in the Preview pane
BUG-13295: webtrans: Translation results does not highlight differences in the compare box
BUG-13297: Cannot assign users to views imported into online projects
BUG-13308: Resources: Minimum threshold in LiveDocs settings resources does not work
BUG-13324: Machine Translation: Custom.MT plugin: bugfix update
BUG-13326: Antidote Corrector does not work with webtrans
BUG-13337: TM+: When converting a batch of classic TMs to TM+, memoQ does not properly warn about read-only TMs
BUG-13355: memoQ does not import files without translatable characters into projects created in earlier versions
BUG-13375: In some cases memoQ does not find strings inside longer words
BUG-13386: Machine Translation: Google Advanced plugin: memoQ cannot list legacy models if there are no native models on the account
BUG-13390: Machine Translation: ModernMT plugin: bugfix update (1.9.2)
BUG-13412: ICR: QA hits are shown even when QA is turned off in the ICR configuration
BUG-13413: Creating a templated-based project results in error if the option "Create minor version snapshot after pre-translation" is enabled in the template and the related Note field is empty.
BUG-13442: ICR: Unexpected behavior after pressing Enter when the Filter text box is empty
BUG-4794: MSG filter: Importing with default filter may result in 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error

Initial 10.6 release was 10.6.8