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そうです。注目のmemoQ 9.5がついに登場です。注目ポイントと注目すべき理由を簡単にご紹介します。

memoQ Assign


翻訳用の文書を素早く配布したいですか?お任せください。memoQ 9.5では、memoQWebに高度な割り当て機能が加わり、翻訳プロジェクト管理者は、プロジェクトの詳細をいつでも把握できるようになりました。

memoQ Machine Translation Integrations (MT)



カナダの法律と金融市場向けに特別にトレーニングされたAlexa Translations A.I.の新しいMTプラグインにより、法律、ビジネス、政府機関の翻訳を専門とする英語とカナダ向けフランス語の翻訳者は、さらに素早く翻訳を行うことができるようになりました。また、アジア言語の翻訳者に最適なニューラル機械翻訳エンジンであるTexTraもアップグレードされました。UIはより洗練され、セキュリティは強化され、さまざまな便利機能も追加されました。  

memoQWeb PM




Other features and enhancements



memoQ 9.5では、目的の言語種類と一致するMS Word辞書を選択して、より徹底したスペルチェックとよりスマートな提案を利用できます。さらに、アップデートされたエクスポート (パスの選択)機能を使用してファイルのエクスポート時間を節約できます。また、サーバープロジェクトとローカルプロジェクトの両方で、2~5つのセグメントを結合して前翻訳の精度と効率性を高めることができます。さらに、これだけではありません。 





Did you know? All about Deoling integration

Hybrid TMS, created by automation software development company Deoling, is a customizable online translation management system that helps translator teams stay on task and boost productivity.  

Integrated with memoQ, you can use Hybrid TMS to 

  • create quotes in seconds based on your individual rates and discount schemes, 
  • cut through repetitive tasks and set up projects in just a few clicks, 
  • track job status and exchange files through a single interface and more.  


memoQ 9.5.11
11月 18, 2020

BUG-3463: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: InDesign thinks the text in the translated file is written in the source language

BUG-3568: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: The exported document may not reflect the formatting of the source accurately in some cases

BUG-3822: Cascading filters: The combination of a JSON and a Regex Text filter may produce corrupted structure in the exported documents in special cases, when one produces a segment, and the other does not

BUG-3688: Content Connector: Documents completed for a single language out of multiple ones may inadvertently be delivered to the content source before the document is completed for all languages in template-based content connected projects

BUG-3921: Customer Portal: Relative path values are not retained for files when importing a ZIP file with embedded folder structure

BUG-3225: If you add a new value to the set of predefined values for the Subject field configured with predefined values in a project template by hitting Enter, it may not be highlighted in the list of items you added so far

BUG-3652: If you change a target language in a project template and save your changes, memoQ incorrectly states the source language has been changed

BUG-4113: If you delete the user who is the manager of a subvendor group that is assigned to some documents in a project, you may not be able to make any assignment changes in the given project

BUG-4036: If you turn on track changes, memoQ may skip warning you the target term is missing from a segment if it's only present in the deleted part of a segment

BUG-3694: If you want to ignore just one instance of a QA warning related to non-translatables, memoQ sets them all to ignored in the Resolve errors and warnings tab

BUG-3722: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: Whitespaces around tags may be wrong in inserted translations

BUG-4172: memoQ may perform fragment assembly in the course of pre-translation configured in project templates even if you choose to not perform it

BUG-4092: memoQ XLIFF (MQXLIFF, MQXLZ) filter: Empty matches inserted during import may cause the bilingual export to fail

BUG-4106: memoQWeb: If you want to reimport a document, and the file you choose has a different file name than that on which you want to perform the reimport, memoQ imports it as a new document

BUG-2337: memoQWeb: You may find changed tags in a source segment of a document after you edit its target segment in memoQWeb, and open the project's local copy

BUG-3952: memoQWeb: You may not be able to see images linked from a URL in the Preview pane

BUG-4027: memoQWeb: You may see different progress for a document in memoQWeb and in memoQ TPro/PM due to differences in how locked segments are taken into account when determining progress

BUG-4018: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Macro buttons with formatting not spanning from their starting tag to their closing tag may cause export to fail with an error claiming for improperly paired inline tags

BUG-2441: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Cannot import 3rd-party XLSX documents missing cell location information

BUG-2946: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to import CSV files containing values separated with line breaks if the last part contains only whitespaces

BUG-3670: Multilingual XML filter: memoQ may incorrectly lock empty segments in CDATA sections

BUG-3742: Multilingual XML filter: Translatable contents in CDATA sections are saved as escaped non-CDATA contents in target documents

BUG-4017: QTerm: The French localization of QTerm's TB definition window contains some poor translations

BUG-3991: Regex Tagger: You can select this filter in the Filter & configuration column of the Document import options window, and doing so returns an error

BUG-3293: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: If track changes is turned on and you only delete contents from a segment without modifying it any other way, this deletion is not recognized and shown in the exported document

BUG-4022: Security: memoQ Server WS-API: A vulnerability may allow attackers to gain access to system resources by exploiting the mechanism how asynchronous WS-API operations are run

BUG-3705: The Help button on the Edit font list dialog of the Font substitution dialog leads to a wrong page

BUG-3054: The Populate number-only segments feature may yield in duplicated numbers

BUG-3838: TIPP Package (TIP) filter: You may be unable to import XLIFF files from a package if they contain UTF-16 surrogate characters, such as emojis

BUG-3970: Users can change MT settings even if doing so is disabled in the project's workflow settings

BUG-3828: When you want to assign a subvendor to all roles at once in a workflow, the assignment may be set only for the Translator role

BUG-3878: XLIFF filter: You may be unable to export improperly formatted XLIFF documents with target tags placed before seg-source tags in the source document

BUG-4030: You cannot invoke the Find abbreviations feature in document views

BUG-3327: You may be unable to backup a LiveDocs resource if you renamed it and added a special character to its name

BUG-4016: You may be unable to open documents for translation in memoQWeb PM running on a pre-9.5 memoQ Server

BUG-4130: You may be unable to perform X-Translation on documents with tracked changes and segments applied on each other in a previous major version of that document

BUG-3424: You may not be able to download project archives after a couple of hours from its creation

BUG-3857: You may receive an error when you click the "WorldServer filter" command in the online project management window

BUG-3946: You may receive false positive QA warnings regarding spaces for rules phrased in forms of regular expressions


BUG-3690: Improvement: Added support for SRX 2.0 used to import segmentation rules

BUG-3938: Improvement: Machine Translation: IQVIA MT: The plugin is not properly configured for the supported memoQ versions
BUG-3555: An extra hotkey indicator & character is displayed in front of the "Tovább" button of the TM import wizard in Hungarian

BUG-1407: Archiving online projects may fail silently

BUG-3933: CMS: Job creation fails if the content type of the file in the job is not specified

BUG-3482: Content Connector: You may be unable to configure certain export paths in an export path rule due to a faulty validation not properly handling path separator characters

BUG-3906: Content Connector: You may receive a "Failed to store translation" error when you attempt to send a file to an SVN content source

BUG-3894: Corrupted setting files may prevent you from removing duplicates in a translation memory

BUG-3727: If you assign someone to Reviewer 2 role before assigning someone to Translator role for a document, it may get stuck in Review 2 step instead of reverting to the Translation step in the workflow

BUG-3941: JSON filter: You may be unable to add new keys to a filter configuration after populating the list of keys from a sample file

BUG-3797: Localization error in the German version: The telemetry setup dialog reads "Speicherort" instead of "Region"

BUG-3748: Machine Translation: Amazon MT: You may be unable to add the MT provider to projects with a Chinese source language

BUG-3765: Machine Translation: The dynamic learning (self-learning) feature may not work for supporting plugins with no translation memory attached to the project

BUG-3559: Machine Translation: You may be warned that an MT plugin is busy even if you did not add any to your project

BUG-3794: memoQWeb: A security issue may enable users with insufficient privileges to see properties of a TM

BUG-3762: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to export some documents with Vietnamese target language under rare circumstances

BUG-3813: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Export might take too long making the user to think it won't succeed if the document contains lots of images and textboxes nested in each other

BUG-3608: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Tracked change may not be exported if a word in the range has a comment added to it

BUG-3575: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export documents with track changes under rare conditions

BUG-3942: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may see different formatting in exported files at around locations with a lots of different formatting and other tags

BUG-3755: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: An error in import may prevent you from exporting documents under rare circumstances

BUG-3763: QTerm: If you try to import a MultiTerm termbase to a read-only QTerm termbase, its entries may all get deleted

BUG-3900: Unclear help page about the project overview panes

BUG-3785: When a member of the memoQ server administrators group does not have explicit permission (at least lookup permission) to a TM/TB, then the resource cannot be added to an online project

BUG-3758: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: QA error 02009 may prevent you from delivering or exporting a translation if the document contains img tags with translatable alt attribute

BUG-3744: Improvement: Document name metadata is now available for the Concordance Search API

BUG-3934: Improvement: EntryId, Modified and Modifier metadata are now available for the Concordance Search API

BUG-3791: Improvement: The "Last modified", "Last used" and "Used in project" properties of TMs, TBs and LiveDocs are now available through the memoQ Server WS-API and Resources API

Initial 9.5 release was 9.5.

memoQ 9.5の準備はできていますか?

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