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Use memoQ as a Companion TMS

memoQ can complement your existing translation management system to meet your needs, even with the most challenging translation tasks.

Organizations seeking to acquire a translation management system (TMS) can choose from a variety of competing offerings. Although different TMS applications largely serve the same purpose, no one system does everything.

Choices—and sometimes sacrifices—must be made.

There are many reasons for choosing one system over another. Some reasons are budgetary: for example, the system you prefer might be more of an investment than you want to make at the moment, so you choose another option.


Some reasons are functional, including considerations such as:

What document file types do we need to translate?

Should the deployment be on-premise, hosted, or cloud?

What system is preferred by internal and external users?

How well does the candidate TMS interconnect with other mission-critical systems?

How steep is the learning curve?

How much technical or integration support is available from the TMS vendor?

On the other hand, some reasons can be workflow or functionality gaps that need to be filled, such as:

Files require manual, time-consuming preparation or post-processing by project managers

Customers, users, or other stakeholders require that a specific technology be used

The TMS doesn’t adequately support a required file type

If your company has a TMS solution that falls short of your needs, you should consider adding a companion solution to enhance your overall efficiency.

Download our eBook and learn how memoQ can complement your needs!

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