Hello, memoQ 9.0!

memoQ 9.0 comes with a brand new interface for project management on the web, improvements in quality assurance and machine translation, a new interface to select document import options, and many other productivity features. memoQ server administrators will be able to track the storage usage of projects and resources.​


​memoQWeb for Project Management

Project managers especially will find much to like in the new and improved features in memoQWeb, the browser-based working environment that comes with memoQ server.

The most spectacular change in the 9.0 release is a brand new web interface for the Administration and the Project management modules! You can see how the new interface looks like in the short video below.

memoQ Machine Translation

Machine Translation

memoQ 9.0 now supports the latest version of Microsoft’s machine translation service, Translator Text API v3.0. This version is based solely on neural machine translation, and supports more than three dozen languages

It also includes an additional feature, Custom Translator, that you can use to build your own custom NMT system! You train Microsoft’s MT with your own resources, such as translation memories and term bases. Custom Translator guarantees full privacy. Your training data is shared only with those you choose, and you can revoke sharing at any time.

Do you use DeepL, Kantan, Crosslang or Systran? All their plugins have been updated in memoQ 9.0 so you can enjoy the benefits of their latest releases.

Mirai TranslatorTM is a cloud-based machine translation service integrated with a neural machine translation engine developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The available language pairs are Japanese <> English and Japanese <> Chinese (Simplified).

Finally, memoQ 9.0 comes with a painstakingly updated Machine Translation SDK (software development kit). We made requirements more transparent to make it easier for third-party developers to create MT plugins for memoQ. This update also has new content and a more comprehensive, better commented dummy plugin.


​Quality Assurance

New in memoQ 9.0, you can now set severity levels for all QA options, whether they are turned on or off in your current QA settings.

If you are one of those translators who like to use a single QA settings file and tweak it on the go, then you will appreciate the new check box on the Severity tab.

​Does your price calculation include extra work that might be needed to resolve problems identified in the translation memory you receive to work with? Is the translation memory in line with the term base? Use the objective information in memoQ’s QA report to start a discussion with your client about pricing based on the scope of work entailed. Exporting QA reports of translation documents is one of the most popular features in memoQ’s Quality Assurance module. In memoQ 9.0, the QA reports are even more useful. Now you can also export QA reports about translation memories!

package management

​Import Documents

Streamlined document importing in memoQ 9.0! You have various options when importing documents to memoQ. To reduce the number of clicks when doing so, we have now united “filter” and “configuration” into one column to make it easier for you to find custom filters. “Action” and “languages” are now also in one column.

Change Logs

memoQ 9.0.24
August 5, 2020
BUG-3631: memoQ Server WS-API: If you add a segment to a translation memory using the WSTM API, you may find its contained tags appearing in different order in the result of a corresponding lookup operation

BUG-3424: memoQ Server WS-API: Online projects created in Plunet may disappear in memoQ in rare errors related to document delivery

BUG-3686: memoQWeb: The status of a Customer Portal customer may be different in the new and the legacy PM application

BUG-2146: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: An error in the Aspose code library may cause the import to take extremely long

BUG-2497: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export a document for said incorrectly paired inline tags, though QA check doesn't indicate any such issues

BUG-3745: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: The Unicode BOM marker may be changed in exported documents even if the option to keep the value found in the source document is turned on

BUG-3667: PHP filter: You may not be able to import documents containing comments inside arrays or text mixed with values in arrays as expected

BUG-3696: QTerm: The icon of the "View/add/remove related entries" command may disappear

BUG-3548: Quotes are displayed instead of apostrophes in HTML QA reports with the "Check translation memory" option selected

BUG-3565: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: Exporting a document may fail if a segment contains unpaired closing tags in a track change range

BUG-2727: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: The status of a segment which was populated using machine translation may change to suggest it's a manual translation, instead of preserving the MT origin

BUG-3501: The "Store full path" translation memory option is not observed for Confirm and Update operations performed on memoQ servers

BUG-3651: XLIFF filter: An error in state mapping logic might prevent you from successfully configuring xliff:doc filter configurations

BUG-3643: You may receive an error when you try to export the results of a term extraction session to a termbase in a scenario where two memoQ Servers are connected and the vendor's child server only has a reference to a termbase instead of having a full copy of it

BUG-3596: You may receive an error when you try to perform term extraction in a scenario where two memoQ Servers are connected, and the vendor's child server only has a reference to a termbase instead of having a full copy of it

BUG-3589: You may spot negative values for database size in the Storage tab of Server Administrator

BUG-813: Adobe PDF filter: An error in the Aspose library causes out of memory exception when importing a document

BUG-3236: Custom code execution performed at export in API-generated projects may cause crash

BUG-3290: Damaged version histories of documents may cause memoQ servers to become unresponsive or unreachable

BUG-3367: FindAndReplace utility: Running the FindAndReplace script causes the encoding of the processed files to change to UTF-8-BOM

BUG-3619: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: Pre-translation may not work for Japanese

BUG-3587: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: The plugin incorrectly reports it does not support a specific language

BUG-3164: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: You may not be able to connect to the MT provider using a TLS security protocol older than TLS 1.2

BUG-3617: memoQ may crash when you approach specific segments if both the EuroTermBank and the MyMemory TM plugins are enabled

BUG-3300: memoQWeb: If you want to edit a term via the context menu of the term in WebTrans, you are redirected to your home page

BUG-3532: memoQWeb: The language pair may become undefined in discussions

BUG-3452: memoQWeb: You cannot log in to memoQ using your Active Directory or Windows credentials

BUG-3308: Microsoft Outlook (MSG) filter: An error in the Aspose code library may cause an error when you try to import an email message file

BUG-3297: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: A bug in the Aspose library results in the corruption of exported Excel XLSX workbooks

BUG-3577: QTerm: If you click "Related topics" for a QTerm term in the legacy memoQWeb, you are taken to your project dashboard instead of the related discussion topic(s)

BUG-3522: QTerm: If you create or edit a filter, you cannot apply it straight, since results of the default filter are shown first

BUG-3481: QTerm: If you generate a PDF document from the glossary or the pretty print view of a termbase, you may be able unable to download the file if the name of the termbase contains characters with umlauts

BUG-3492: QTerm: You may be unable to open a termbase as an admin user if there is no permission granted for the admin user explicitly

BUG-3545: The "Custom" label is shown instead of the custom filter's real name on the "Document import options" dialog

BUG-2869: Too many resources may become open because a TM-related performance counter may cause memoQ to not unload unused TMs if the server is not running low on RAM, yielding in pre-translation errors

BUG-3267: Whitespaces may be displayed incorrectly when you view compared document versions with tracked changes

BUG-2651: XLIFF Filter: If you export a document right after the import, you may receive warnings about empty trans-unit elements and the target document may be corrupted

BUG-3183: YAML filter: "\n" characters may be exported as actual line breaks instead of "\n" strings

BUG-3553: You can create projects from templates with duplicate target languages, rendering those projects unable to be opened

BUG-3525: You may be unable to edit a remote MT settings resource under rare circumstances


BUG-3489: Improvement: If you reassign a document previously assigned with FirstAccept to a specific user, that user won't be invited for FirstAccept automatically

BUG-3472: Improvement: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: You can configure your service location (region) when configuring the plugin

BUG-2779: Improvement: memoQ Server Resources API: The Created, Creator, Modified and Modifier fields required for term creation are observed

BUG-3255: Improvement: Supported languages for Google, DeepL and Amazon MT plugins can change dynamically

BUG-3126: Improvement: User-specific unsigned private MT plugins can be deployed on memoQ server instances

BUG-3453: Improvement: You can control whether memoQ should attach QTerm termbases to project packages via API calls when such parameters are not specified
BUG-3209 Content Connector: When you try to deliver more than one files to the content source, the confirmation prompt may wrongly state you only selected one document

BUG-2512 Hey memoQ: The Hey MemoQ button cannot be removed from the Quick Access Toolbar

BUG-3296 If you reassign the project manager role to a different user in online memoQ projects, that user may not actually receive permissions to manage that project

BUG-2528 memoQWeb: You may be logged out from WebTrans after 90 minutes for alleged inactivity even if you were continuously working on a translation

BUG-3318 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Importing Excel files with hundreds of thousands of formulas may be slow

BUG-3166 Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: Wrong language is selected for the Finnish LCID language code 1035

BUG-3210 The German UI contains some incorrect terms on the "Filter for duplicates" dialog

BUG-3028 The name of Libya is misspelled in language lists

BUG-3266 YAML filter: The option to import lines from multiline scalar blocks into the same segment may not work
BUG-3140: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Some of the formatting may be lost in exported documents under certain circumstances

BUG-2898: An error in exporting documents to memoQ XLIFF bilingual format with skeleton and preview included may prevent memoQ to archive online projects

BUG-1602: Choosing to use TM-driven segmentation may cause pre-translation to fail

BUG-2810: Customer Portal: You may be unable to reach the translation server when you try to request a quote or a translation

BUG-1679: If you check the "Perform fragment assembling" checkbox on the "Pre-translate" or "Pre-translate and statistics" dialog, pre-translation may take forever and memoQ may deny deleting duplicates from translation memories

BUG-886: Importing the same TMX file to a local and an online translation memory may result in different number of imported segments containing no text or containing only a single entity with identical source and translation

BUG-2251: Joining 100+ documents, with preview generated for all, in a view may cause performance degradation

BUG-3205: JSON filter: memoQ may not populate the Keys list on the "Key options" tab of the "Document import settings" dialog after you add a sample file and click Populate

BUG-3218: JSON filter: memoQ may not populate the Keys list on the "Key options" tab of the "Document import settings" dialog after you add a sample file and click Populate if the file contains arrays based on JSON objects

BUG-3086: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: You may not receive any translation results for the Chinese (PRC) to English (US) language pair

BUG-3167: memoQ Server WS-API: Importing a document may result in SQL deadlock errors

BUG-2872: memoQWeb: The custom logo you set may not be displayed on the login page

BUG-2933: memoQWeb: The list of projects may not be displayed under rare circumstances

BUG-2900: memoQWeb: You may receive a server error when you try to view the history of a discussion

BUG-3170: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: memoQ may fail to keep displaying the preview after you split or join some segments

BUG-3237: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Exporting a document with tracked changes may fail if there is a single-character insertion range preceded by another insertion

BUG-3058: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: memoQ can not export documents containing emojis with text formatting (such as bold face) applied

BUG-3176: OpenDocument (ODT) filter: memoQ may only import headers and footers from documents with empty change tracking ranges

BUG-3120: Pre-translation may fail for specific segments in Korean to Russian projects

BUG-560: Pre-translation may fail if you check the "Automatically join and split segments for best match" checkbox on the "Pre-translate" or "Pre-translate and statistics" dialog

BUG-3020: QTerm: Deleting entries makes history (ChangeLog) files grow

BUG-2655: QTerm: memoQ may fail to convert specific characters to XML-compliant entities, preventing you from exporting a termbase to SDL MultiTerm or Excel (XLSX) format

BUG-2972: QTerm: You may be unable to export your termbase if its name contains characters considered invalid by the file system according to regional settings

BUG-2871: QTerm: You may not be able to import specific TBX files in memoQWeb, while you can import them via memoQ desktop clients

BUG-3024: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: You may be unable to create an SDL return package under rare conditions

BUG-2961: Some labels on the New Online Project window may be heavily truncated on Microsoft Surface Book 2 devices using default display settings (resolution of 3000x2000 with a scaling of 200%)

BUG-3015: SVG filter: You may experience high memory consumption and memoQ may become unresponsive while importing certain SVG files containing unrecognized translatable tags

BUG-1125: The "Treat sublanguages as different languages in TB lookup" and "Show terminology hits that have no target term" options are not observed

BUG-2813: Trying to open a view made of about 1000 or more documents may cause memoQ to go non-responsive and lose CAL licenses

BUG-1277: Typing in the Final view of the change tracking mode when the drop-down list of predictive typing is open may result in text inserted before the cursor

BUG-1422: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: Exported documents don't contain translations in segments which did not have a target element in the original file

BUG-2563: You cannot tell memoQ there's no digit grouping symbol for a language, and the last set value will be restored upon saving such a QA settings resource

BUG-2951: You may be unable to import TBX files to memoQ under special circumstances

BUG-3049: You may be unable to restore an archived project if the document history of a translation document is corrupted

BUG-3063: You may not use spell and grammar checker for Irish target language since memoQ may not recognize the Irish language pack for Microsoft Word is installed

BUG-728: You may receive an error if you try to run pre-translation with the "Automatically join and split segments for best match" option on the "Pre-translate" or "Pre-translate and statistics" dialog enabled

BUG-2956: You may receive internal application error when trying to open a specific TMX document imported to a LiveDocs corpus by clicking "View/edit"

BUG-2269: You receive an error when you try to create a project from a template in which the working or the master TM name is calculated from placeholders and the value to populate the placeholder includes unsupported characters
BUG-2774: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) filter: Some text contents are not imported from a specific document even if they are not hidden
BUG-2888: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Could not import a specific IDML file
BUG-2968: Language Terminal: Cannot create LT-connected online project if your source/target language is "Spanish (Latin America)"
BUG-2403: Listing TMs in Resource Console, the online project management window and template editor may take too long if you have thousands of TMs even if the list will contain a few items
BUG-2820: memoQ Server WS-API: TranslationDocumentUserRoleAssignmentDetails returns "multiple" for accepted documents instead of assignee's name
BUG-2585: memoQ shows the "No period. Are you sure?" message under the Abbreviation field in projects with German source language when you select the "Word after number" option in the "Add abbreviation" window
BUG-2912: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Can not export Excel file with one member of an rpr tag pair missing in the target
BUG-1386: Under very rare circumstances, including specially crafted segment content, you may be unable to run Statistics with homogeneity on some documents
BUG-2949: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: Line breaks aren't preserved when translating between language pairs with different LTR-RTL property
BUG-2168: You may receive 101% matches for number-only segments when you expect a lower match rate
BUG-2656: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: memoQ changes hyphenation language of contents placed on hidden InDesign layers and not imported to memoQ

BUG-2822: Help button for the Edit search provider dialog not working

BUG-2654: memoQ handback package can't be returned if some actors used external preview tools while working on the included documents

BUG-2737: memoQWeb: Pre/post context information may be saved into double-context TMs even when they should not be

BUG-2741: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to import documents with cells containing invisible values

BUG-2650: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Chart labels may be imported from hidden slides even if you don't want hidden contents to be imported

BUG-2787: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Files where the layout masters already contain drawings can not be imported

BUG-2696: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: You may not be able to export documents with XML namespaces not defined in the root node

BUG-2681: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to import documents under rare circumstances if styles to exclude are specified

BUG-2877: specific PPT fails to upload to memoQWeb

BUG-2780: The Japanese version of the Auto Pick menu contains a mistranslation

BUG-1520: The Train Muse dialog is cropped on displays set to high DPI settings

BUG-2335: Unable to get match in the Concordance window for Hebrew

BUG-2295: You may receive a false QA error for CCJK target languages claiming for the absence of non-translatable words if they are written using a different alphabet and are not surrounded by spaces
BUG-2554: memoQWeb: Project name placeholders defined in project templates may not be resolved on the project creation screen

BUG-2352: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: memoQ may not download images located on the internet and linked in worksheets, and may, therefore, not show them in the preview

BUG-2496: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to export a document if worksheet labels are translated

BUG-2400: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to import a specific file unless you first open and resave it in Microsoft Excel for invalid surrogate characters

BUG-2305: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may not be able to import some specific documents created from macro-enabled Excel 2013+ files (XLSM) with the "Downgrade document to Office 2007" option

BUG-2457: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may not be able to import textbox contents under special conditions

BUG-2509: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: You may not be able to export corrupted documents with segment breaking tags placed after paragraph markers

BUG-2019: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Cannot export a specific document if the source file is missing

BUG-2356: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to export a document from memoQ if it was exported
to MQXLIFF and paid a visit to SDL Trados Studio, for an error in SDL Trados Studio making the exported bilingual document corrupt

BUG-2539: PO Gettext (PO) filter: You may not have preview for documents containing empty segment pairs

BUG-2324: QTerm: Forbidden terms are not marked as forbidden in Print/Glossary view

BUG-2240: QTerm: You may not be able to import termbases saved to CSV from Microsoft Excel in invalid format

BUG-2435: Replace all may not work if you are looking for a regex search term with look-ahead or look-behind construct, and the replacement term contains a capturing group, even though you are informed all occurrences were replaced

BUG-2291: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: memoQ may add extra tags to exported SDLXLIFF files if you choose to display formatted text instead of displaying the appropriate tags

BUG-1924: SDL Trados Studio Project Package (SDLPPX) filter: You may not be able to create SDLRPX return packages from SDL packages with specific segmentation logic and containing tracked changes

BUG-2242: Searching in QTerm termbases from memoQ desktop clients may take long under special circumstances

BUG-2325: Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: If you try to import a package with a source or target language code 1067 (Armenian), you receive an error the language code is not recognized

BUG-2485: The Advanced Find and replace dialog shows unlocalized items

BUG-2444: The link in email notifications about changes in discussions may be broken

BUG-1620: Video Preview: The font used in preview does not contain Chinese characters

BUG-2499: When you are working in the Regex Tagger's configuration window and press Alt+O, memoQ selects the "Apply only selected rule" radio button instead of closing the window with the OK button

BUG-2418: XLIFF filter: You may be unable to import files with extremely large segments

BUG-2466: You may be unable to change filter and filter configuration if you import a document with options

BUG-2115: You may not be able to create edit distance report in multilanguage projects for all target languages at once

BUG-2409: You may not be able to import a Word DOCX document to your LiveDocs with the Binary import option

BUG-2552: You may not be able to import TBX files renamed to XML files

BUG-2274: You may receive a false QA warning if two or more auto-translation rules apply to the same number
BUG-2029: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Cannot export some documents due to misplaced opening or closing track-change tags

BUG-2097: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to exclude content based on style during import if the style is a linked style

BUG-971: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to import a document with the "Import changes as such" option if it contains a textbox inside a track-changed content part

BUG-2028: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Cannot import CSV documents with length limit enabled under certain circumstances

BUG-1978: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Colors in the preview may be confusing in some situations if you want to tell source, target and other kinds of cells apart

BUG-2040: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Under special conditions, Excel may report the exported document is damaged and you lose formatting during recovery

BUG-1569: PO Gettext (PO) filter: Extra line breaks may appear after certain comments, and line wrapping may change in exported files under special circumstances

BUG-1432: Predictive typing suggestions may get stuck on-screen if you use smart quotes and type a quote with the prediction list open

BUG-2231: QTerm: If you try to import a TBX file, you may receive an undefined error during file upload

BUG-2075: QTerm: Text direction of the "Term text" text box is right-to-left (RTL) while the selected language is a left-to-right (LTR) language

BUG-2117: Regex Text filter: Backslash characters next to parts marked for translation by the filter may cause the exported documents to look strange as if they were wrongly encoded, and may miss contents

BUG-2087: RESX filter configuration: Cannot import specific files

BUG-2221: Search keywords "Created by" and "Created on" are left unlocalized in the project filter on the memoQ PM dashboard

BUG-1980: Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: Cannot export a specific PPF package for wrong path values in the package

BUG-2144: Table RTF filter: You may be unable to export a document to Table RTF format from online projects

BUG-2148: The filter "binary" has been replaced with an import option reading "import as is", found misleading by some

BUG-2083: The German translation of the label "Cancel" is truncated on the filter selector dialog

BUG-1311: Translation memories with reverse language pairs may be set as Master and Working for template-based projects

BUG-1701: XML filter: Choosing the Required value from the Required drop-down list for tag import settings produces multiple QA hits

BUG-2024: YAML (YML) filter: Cannot import files with child elements not sorted alphabetically

BUG-2147: YAML (YML) filter: Multi-line segments are not imported properly

BUG-2119: You can't display final version of a document by clicking "Show final" if you turn on track changes

BUG-2042: You may not receive QA warning when the number of the brackets in the source differs from that in the target

BUG-2105: You may receive 100% match from an empty TM for segments containing only punctuation characters

BUG-2271: You may receive an error when you try to import documents from a SharePoint location
BUG-2039: memoQWeb: A specific corrupted translation memory could not be added to a project

BUG-1975: memoQWeb: Cannot switch from the PM interface to some legacy pages in specific infrastructures involving a combination of HTTP and HTTPS connections

BUG-2080: memoQWeb: Cannot switch from the PM interface to the Translations or the People page in specific infrastructures involving a combination of HTTP and HTTPS connections

BUG-2005: memoQWeb: Cannot switch from the PM interface to the Translations or the QTerm page in specific infrastructures involving a combination of HTTP and HTTPS connections

BUG-1571: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: Cannot import a specific file using the default filter

BUG-2066: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: Cannot import a specific document

BUG-1867: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: Exporting a document in memoQ 8.7.11+ may fail if it was imported using memoQ 8.7.10

BUG-1979: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: You could not export certain VSDX files under some specific circumstances

BUG-1567: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Formatting changes and unexpected double quotes around fields appear in a specific exported document
BUG-1912: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Translation of some segments may be missing from exported files under special circumstances

BUG-1200: Cannot effectively change values of built-in meta fields using only the keyboard when creating an online project from a template

BUG-1184: Cannot jump to the affected segment from the Resolve errors and warnings window if QA was run on a view

BUG-1538: Can't login to TAUS via the TAUS TM plugin in memoQ

BUG-1913: Can't login to TAUS via the TAUS TM plugin in memoQ

BUG-1515: Changes in translations made while the Review pane was active instead of the Preview pane are not reflected in the preview

BUG-1276: Customer Portal: Internet Explorer claims for invalid certificate when you try to open the login page

BUG-1609: Deleting an Active Directory user located in an external trusted organizational unit may cause SSO-related synchronization errors in memoQ

BUG-1860: EuroTermBank: Error message during translation

BUG-604: False QA warning about duplicated words received for duplicated numbers

BUG-1902: Having an unfinished monolingual review session may cause error preventing you from opening a project or document

BUG-1197: Hey memoQ: Finnish language unavailable, and Meänkieli language not working

BUG-618: High fuzzy match not shown with default TM settings

BUG-1541: Inserting an ampersand (&) symbol makes the subsequent character underlined in a term field of term editor windows

BUG-1898: JSON filter: Failed to import a file containing syntax errors

BUG-573: Loading the list of many translation memories may take long for non-administrator users

BUG-1517: Local copy of an online project may come with a termbase for users having no assigned documents in that project

BUG-872: Machine Translation: Google MT: Pre-translate and lookup doesn't work for Uzbek languages

BUG-1616: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: No translation results received for Chinese (PRC) target

BUG-1589: Machine Translation: Tilde MT: Tilde doesn't return results for if the source or target language is a sublanguage

BUG-2016: memoQ 9 crashes when it attempts to connect to memoQ Server 8.7.8 (8.7.MR2)

BUG-1976: memoQ Server WS-API: The CreateProjectFromTemplate method does not return detailed error info if the termbase to be assigned is corrupt

BUG-1494: memoQ Server WS-API: The GetAnalysisReportData request returns tag counts instead of source word counts, and does not return the number of repetitions

BUG-1777: memoQ Server WS-API: The ILiveDocsService.ImportReferenceDocuments method returns a misleading error in response to calls with parameters containing 2+2-letter language codes

BUG-1551: memoQ Server WS-API: The ITMService.LookupSegment method does not observe context info when there's no whitespace between the mq:context-pre and mq:context-post XML tags

BUG-1036: memoQWeb: Some documents with 100% translation progress cannot be delivered for a false warning on existence unconfirmed segments

BUG-1540: memoQWeb: Subvendor managers are unintentionally able to invoke commands of the PM menu by directly navigating to the relevant URL address

BUG-1337: memoQWeb: Translators may not be able to edit translation memory entries

BUG-1513: Microsoft Outlook Email (MSG) filter: Cannot export a specific document

BUG-1530: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: Importing specific documents may produce empty segments

BUG-1574: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: Some corrupted documents cannot be imported until re-saving them in Visio

BUG-1403: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Documents with specific multi-level numbered lists may not be imported

BUG-1885: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Improper handling of tags inside index markers might cause export errors

BUG-1808: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to export documents containing multiple embedded legacy (binary) Office documents

BUG-1836: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to import DOCX documents containing custom XML files with an encoding other than UTF-8

BUG-1882: Non-translatables do not show up as separate category in QA reports

BUG-1809: PHP filter: Importing huge PHP files may take a lot, making users think the progress get stuck

BUG-1188: Regular expression-based replacements in documents fail to work properly with lookahead and lookbehind constructs

BUG-1524: Searching for a term while a new term is being created, but not yet saved, causes error

BUG-1977: Some labels in the "Import with options dialog" use too small fonts and unfortunate colour

BUG-1688: Some permission options are not saved for online termbases upon closing the resource's dialog

BUG-1033: Source and target language is switched in the TMX file exported from the project TM created while running statistics

BUG-1321: Subtitles (SRT) filter: The "Base URL for preview" field is not properly saved

BUG-1601: Switching automatically or manually to full synchronization from quick synchronization in memoQWeb while the translation grid has a filter applied on it might cause some content to get lost

BUG-660: Terminologist gets an error instead of access denial message during termbase import

BUG-1984: The splash screen of memoQ 9.0 displays 8.7 as the version number

BUG-1106: TIPP Package (TIP) filter: Export a package to stored path saves files to a path different from what is shown in memoQ

BUG-1592: Track changes doesn't work for segments containing tags

BUG-1942: Users with Administrator privileges cannot edit documents created by another administrator

BUG-1865: Wrong tooltips appear for Workflow status icons on Japanese UI

BUG-1527: XLIFF Filter: A specific XLIFF file cannot be exported

BUG-1548: XLIFF filter: Leading and trailing whitespaces are added to empty target segments upon export

BUG-1343: XML filter: A specific file can only be imported to one target language in a multilingual online project due to warnings

BUG-1412: XML filter: XML entities may not be converted back correctly upon export when using the "When exporting, restore numeric character references resolved during import" option for importing documents

BUG-1674: YAML (YML) filter: Unable to import corrupted YML files

BUG-1897: You cannot change the size of some columns in the Termbase editor

BUG-1940: ZIP filter: Adobe InDesign INX filter option is available instead of IDML in the "Embedded object filters" section in the "Create new filter configuration" when you select the ZIP filter as the file filter

BUG-1531: ZIP filter: memoQ imports Excel templates (XLTX files) using the ZIP filter by default
BUG-1865: Wrong tooltips for Workflow status icons on Japanese UI

BUG-1808: Unable to export DOCX with latest version

BUG-1616: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: No translation results received for Chinese (PRC) target

BUG-1538: Can't login to TAUS via its TM plugin

BUG-1531: ZIP filter: memoQ imports Excel templates (XLTX files) using the ZIP filter by default

BUG-1513: Microsoft Outlook Email (MSG) filter: Cannot export a specific document

BUG-1403: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Documents with specific multi-level numbered lists may not be imported

BUG-1361: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Can't export file with all kinds of comments enabled

BUG-1297: Names of default project templates on the Dashboard are not localized

BUG-722: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Word reports file corruption when trying to open document exported from memoQ

Initial 9.0 release was 9.0.20