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What is a CAT Tool?

What is a CAT Tool or Computer-Assisted Translation Software?

The term CAT stands for Computer-Assisted Translation Tool. CAT tools have significantly changed the way how translators work and manage translation projects today.

CAT tools split large multilingual documents into segments (phrases & paragraphs) which are stored in a database. This is called translation memory which means that previously translated material can be reused at any time.

Nowadays, it is more common for enterprises and translators to use CAT tools to speed up their work and increase their productivity globally.

Why do You Need a CAT Tool?

Translate faster

Translators to meet increasing customer demands have to face shorter deadlines. Implementing a CAT tool, such as memoQ translator pro, into your daily translation processes can significantly accelerate your performance.

Handle language repetition throughout your projects by leveraging existing translations from the translation memories. The more you translate, the bigger and smarter your translation memories will be.

Translate accurately

Regardless of the industry you work in, consistency and accuracy in terminology are the most critical aspects to deliver flawless translations.

Beside translation memories, CAT tools have integrated term bases (for single words and expressions) that help project managers and translators to use consistent terminology across all projects.

What does it Look Like?

Let us show you the interface of memoQ translator pro, which consists of four different areas:

The ribbon

Commands in the top ribbon were placed according to the typical workflow of a translator.

The translation grid

Commands in the top ribbon were placed according to the typical workflow of a translator.

The translation results table

In the translation results table, memoQ offers you translation suggestions from the translation memories, term bases and live corpora.

The HTML preview pane at the bottom provides preview to see how your current translation would look once exported.

Why Use CAT Tools?

This eBook explains the purpose and benefits of Computer-Assisted Translation, and more.

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