memoQ translator free

How do I get memoQ translator free?

When you install memoQ for the first time, you are entitled to a free 30-day trial of the full version of memoQ translator pro. When the trial is over, your copy of memoQ becomes a memoQ translator free edition.

Limitations of memoQ translator free

memoQ translator free is a powerful tool for those getting started with CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), but if you are a professional translator you need to know there is some key functionality missing. 

- Your projects can have only one document.
- Each time you start working you need to create a new project and a new translation memory for that project.
- It is not possible to use memoQ translator free in memoQ online projects.
- You can't add previously created translation memories or term bases to your project.
- You can't open previous translation jobs with more than one documents.
- It is not possible to align documents and build up translation memories.
- No technical support.

Get memoQ translator pro

If you want to see a boost in your productivity and the quality of your work, we recommend you to purchase a license of memoQ translator pro in our webshop. This is a short list of features which are only available on memoQ translator pro that could make translating easier and faster for you.
- XLIFF support.
- Import/Export many files at once.
- Compatibility with SDL Trados and WordFast files.
- The muses (predictive typing).
- memoQ web search (for checking words while you translate).
- Statistics and pre-translation.
- Proofreading (enable 3rd party proofreading on local projects).
- InDesing support.
- Access to memoQ's Quality Assurance module.
- Share your translation memories and term bases with other users.
- 24 HS technical support all year round.


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