memoQ Academic Program for Universities

The Academic Program provides unlimited number of free memoQ translator pro licenses for educational purposes.

The program includes the memoQ server and mobile licenses, therefore universities can freely control the internal licensing of the software. Educational use is not restricted to translator training courses only, it can also cover engineering, science and arts courses. Participating universities have no obligations other than stating memoQ as their sponsor on their website.

Universities can grant extra licenses to lecturers and students for educational home use for up to one year at a time.

Please scroll down to see frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Academic Program?
The main goal of the Academic Program is to supply universities free and unlimited number of memoQ licenses for educational purposes, which includes all of our solutions. This program is not restricted to translation training only, it covers engineering, science and arts courses as well. Universities can also give licenses to students and lecturers for (educational) home use for up to one year at a time.
Participating universities have no obligations other than educating the use of software, stating the partnership on their website, and allow us to use the institution’s name on memoQ’s website. We would appreciate if participating universities would spread the word about the memoQ technology in their academic environment, and we also welcome any feedback that may help us improve our services. Please consider carefully your contact person as he/she will be the main contact through the whole program.
Students participating in the Academic Program can use memoQ in the classroom and at home for free. After their studies, they also have the opportunity to buy memoQ translator pro for only EUR 99 / USD 123.
To participate in the Academic Program, please fill out the “Apply for Membership” form. The memoQ team will review your application and will get back to you.
Yes. The institution can decide to allocate licenses to students for home use.
The Academic Program is available to institutions offering bachelor degrees and associated postgraduate programs. See the list of universities currently associated with memoQ's Academic program. If you cannot find your university get in touch at as you still might be eligible.
No. The license does not cover non-educational use. However, when an institution wishes to use memoQ for its website or for any other purpose, we offer the software at a significantly discounted rate, especially for universities. Up to 10 translator pro licenses can be purchased for EUR 100 / USD 125 per unit. Beyond that, an individual purchase agreement is necessary.