Hello, memoQ 9.2!

memoQ 9.2 introduces a separate option for selecting resources for pre-translation, improved grammar checker, and Machine Translation improvements, among other features.

Pre translation feature - memoQ 9.2

Select resources for pre-translation separately

Feature requests, direct communication, and the ever popular User Strikes back sessions at memoQfests are just some examples of how we learn about features our users want. This time we responded to a frequent request for a more streamlined workflow for selecting resources for pre-translation. In memoQ 9.2, you will have a separate option to select which TMs/LiveDocs to be used for pre-translation without having to deselect and re-add them all prior to translation.

memoQ 9.2 feature

Improved grammar checker

Until now, if the grammar checker detected a mistake in a segment, it underlined the whole segment. Not anymore! In memoQ 9.2, the grammar checker works like a charm, highlighting all the words involved in the grammatical error, rather than the whole segment. This feature will significantly facilitate your work as the highlighted range will provide hints about the nature of the grammatical errors.

memoQ Machine Translation

Integration with Git and Git-based Repositories; Additional Improvements

Integration with Git and Git-based repositories, machine translation related improvements, and enhanced password security are also featured in memoQ 9.2.

  • memoQ 9.2 introduces integration with Git and Git-based source repositories, such as GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket via a Git Connector, which complements the existing SVG connector in memoQ. The new integration handles single branch integration, implementing the current Content Connector functionality for the connector, which also provides the usual functionalities and automation possibilities (multiple connections, directory, and file-level filtering rules, export rule management) of memoQ. Read more about memoQ’s content connector here.
  • In memoQ 9.2, a warning message will pop up if you attempt to select any machine translation plugin that does not support any of the language pairs in your project. The goal of this feature is to prevent you from accidentally attaching the wrong MT plugin to your language pair
  • Improvement in how memoQ communicates MT-related error messages by logging every such issue in the memoQ client/server log and by displaying more relevant messages when MT lookup or timeout errors occur in memoQ. This helps our users, their technical staff and our support specialists to troubleshoot MT-related issues
  • Textra Machine Translation plugin has been updated to its latest release
  • Enhanced password policy

Change logs

memoQ 9.2.6
January 15, 2020
BUG-2656: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: memoQ changes hyphenation language of contents placed on hidden InDesign layers and not imported to memoQ

BUG-2822: Help button for the Edit search provider dialog not working

BUG-2854: memoQ doesn't recognize installed MS Word Romanian dictionary

BUG-2654: memoQ handback package can't be returned if some actors used external preview tools while working on the included documents

BUG-2737: memoQWeb: Pre/post context information may be saved into double-context TMs even when they should not be

BUG-2650: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Chart labels may be imported from hidden slides even if you don't want hidden contents to be imported

BUG-2787: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Files where the layout masters already contain drawings can not be imported

BUG-2910: More memoQ server crashes due to TM Engine exceptions

BUG-2877: specific PPT fails to upload to memoQWeb

BUG-2485: The Advanced Find and replace dialog shows unlocalized items

BUG-2780: The Japanese version of the Auto Pick menu contains a mistranslation

BUG-2335: Unable to get match in the Concordance window for Hebrew

BUG-2295: You may receive a false QA error for CCJK target languages claiming for the absence of non-translatable words if they are written using a different alphabet and are not surrounded by spaces
BUG-2364: Help improperly states it's possible to chain an HTML filter after a Multilingual Delimited Text filter in cascading filters

BUG-2741: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: You may be unable to import documents with cells containing invisible values

BUG-2696: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: You may not be able to export documents with XML namespaces not defined in the root node

BUG-2681: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to import documents under rare circumstances if styles to exclude are specified

Initial 9.2 release was 9.2.5

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