Hello, memoQ 9.3!

memoQ 9.3 introduces an integration with Amazon MT, new memoQWeb features for project management, a revamped task management interface in memoQWebTrans, additional options to add and remove multiple TBs and TMs to/from a project at once, and more.

memoQ Machine Translation

Machine Translation Integrations Taken to the Next Level

We know how important machine translation (MT) is to you, so for this release we’ve made some additions and enhancements. Amazon is now an available MT plugin and memoQ also provides an interface where terminologies can be uploaded or selected. memoQ 9.3 also introduces a better tag handling with Google MT and Microsoft MT plugins, including the ability to select HTML or XML. 

memoQWeb PM

memoQWeb Functionality Keeps Getting Better

Last year memoQWeb for project managers got a fresh new look. This year it’s getting new features and enhancements: the ability to import XLSX files into term bases, and a live preview where you see importable columns and their meanings in the term base (TB), which means you see the result and can modify settings.

Batch Operations feature

What All our Users Have Been Waiting for: Batch Operations

With memoQ 9.3, we’re making changes that will be a benefit to both freelance translators and project managers. Depending on your individual needs, you will be able to select and add/remove multiple translation memories (TMs) and multiple term bases (TBs) in a project, all at once.  You will also be able to add multiple TMs and TBs to a multilingual project, with memoQ matching them to the right language pairs automatically.

memoQ Webtrans

memoQWebTrans: you are in full control of your tasks

The task management interface of memoQWebTrans has a fresh new look, but the changes go way beyond the cosmetic. You can now enjoy a host of new features, such as sorting, filtering and customized view options. As a major player in the language industry, we’re always looking for ways improve your experience. These new features do just that.

Other features and enhancements

UX and Compatibility: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Improving everyday user experience and compatibility is key. So, 9.3 features a few small but important enhancements. memoQ 9.3 provides a faster TM & TB listing within the client application’s resource console and project interfaces. We also improved workflows with imported SDLXLIFF and SDLPPX files by enhancing language codes, track changes information and tag handling.

Did you know? All about Rigi integration

We’ve been working with integration partner Rigi for many years now. And like a good wine, that partnership – and the benefits for you – just keep getting better over time. Now you can: 

  • Localize UI text using interactive HTML previews, which will lead to a significant drop in QA issues and related costs. 
  • Perform Advanced Language Acceptance Testing via cloud platform. This lets testers enter comments and suggestions in an interactive environment and gives translators immediate access to issues. 
  • With Live! translators can navigate on live site and make corrections on the fly. 
  • Generate images of full pages or regions in all target languages with just a click of a button. 

Change logs

memoQ 9.3.9
May 11, 2020
BUG-1602 Choosing to use TM-driven segmentation may cause pre-translation to fail

BUG-3209 Content Connector: When you try to deliver more than one files to the content source, the confirmation prompt may wrongly state you only selected one document

BUG-2512 Hey memoQ: The Hey MemoQ button cannot be removed from the Quick Access Toolbar

BUG-3296 If you reassign the project manager role to a different user in online memoQ projects, that user may not actually receive permissions to manage that project

BUG-3258 Improvement: "Select all" item added to context menus in tables of resources enabling users to perform actions on multiple items at once

BUG-2251 Joining 100+ documents, with preview generated for all, in a view may cause performance degradation

BUG-3205 JSON filter: memoQ may not populate the Keys list on the "Key options" tab of the "Document import settings" dialog after you add a sample file and click Populate

BUG-3218 JSON filter: memoQ may not populate the Keys list on the "Key options" tab of the "Document import settings" dialog after you add a sample file and click Populate if the file contains arrays based on JSON objects

BUG-3109 memoQ Server WS-API: Comments made as responses to LQA report items may not be observed when updating translation documents from MQXLIFF documents

BUG-3167 memoQ Server WS-API: Importing a document may result in SQL deadlock errors

BUG-2898 memoQ XLIFF (MQXLIFF, MQXLZ) filter: An error in exporting documents with skeleton and preview included may prevent memoQ to archive online projects

BUG-3295 memoQWeb: If you log in to memoQWeb or try to open WebTrans, you may receive a "Something went wrong" message

BUG-2528 memoQWeb: You may be logged out from WebTrans after 90 minutes for alleged inactivity even if you were continuously working on a translation

BUG-2900 memoQWeb: You may receive a server error when you try to view the history of a discussion

BUG-3170 Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: memoQ may fail to keep displaying the preview after you split or join some segments

BUG-3237 Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Exporting a document with tracked changes may fail if there is a single-character insertion range preceded by another insertion

BUG-3022 MT SDK: memoQ always calls the array overload of TranslateCorrectSegment, while the test client does not

BUG-3318 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Importing Excel files with hundreds of thousands of formulas may be slow

BUG-3176 OpenDocument (ODT) filter: memoQ may only import headers and footers from documents with empty change tracking ranges

BUG-560 Pre-translation may fail if you check the "Automatically join and split segments for best match" checkbox on the Pre-translate or "Pre-translate and statistics" dialog

BUG-3166 Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: Wrong language is selected for the Finnish LCID language code 1035

BUG-3210 The German UI contains some incorrect terms on the "Filter for duplicates" dialog

BUG-2917 The help contains a wrong example for export path patterns

BUG-2813 Trying to open a view made of about 1000 or more documents may cause memoQ to go non-responsive and lose CAL licenses

BUG-3266 YAML filter: The option to import lines from multiline scalar blocks into the same segment may not work

BUG-2563 You cannot tell memoQ there's no digit grouping symbol for a language, and the last set value will be restored upon saving such a QA settings resource

BUG-2951 You may be unable to import TBX files to memoQ under special circumstances

BUG-728 You may receive an error if you try to run pre-translation with the "Automatically join and split segments for best match" option on the "Pre-translate" or "Pre-translate and statistics" dialog enabled

BUG-2956 You may receive internal application error when trying to open a specific TMX document imported to a LiveDocs corpus by clicking "View/edit"
Some UX issues related to term base import.

Improvements in custom field separators.
BUG-2774: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) filter: Some text contents are not imported from a specific document even if they are not hidden

BUG-2888: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Could not import a specific IDML file

BUG-3140: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Formatting is lost in exported document

BUG-2810: Customer Portal: You may be unable to reach translation server when trying to request quote or translation

BUG-1679: Enabling fragment assembly during pre-translation may cause the process to take forever and the translation memory to deny deleting duplicates

BUG-3111: Help: Information on marking forbidden terms as red missing from topic "Term base Excel import settings page"

BUG-2968: Language Terminal: You may be unable to create LT-connected online projects if with "Spanish (Latin America)" as the source or one of the target languages

BUG-2403: Listing TMs in Resource Console, the online project management window and in the template editor may take too long if you have thousands of TMs, even if the list will contain a few items

BUG-3086: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: You may not receive any translation results for the Chinese (PRC) to English (US) language pair

BUG-2820: memoQ Server WS-API: TranslationDocumentUserRoleAssignmentDetails returns "multiple" for accepted documents instead of assignee's name

BUG-2585: memoQ shows the "No period. Are you sure?" message under the Abbreviation field in projects with German source language when you select the "Word after number" option in the "Add abbreviation" window

BUG-2872: memoQWeb: The custom logo you set may not be displayed on the login page

BUG-2933: memoQWeb: The list of projects may not be displayed under rare circumstances

BUG-2892: memoQWeb: You may be unable to upload (import) large documents to memoQWeb if the request length in Microsoft IIS is set to a low value

BUG-2912: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Can not export Excel file with one member of an rpr tag pair missing in the target

BUG-3058: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: memoQ can not export documents containing emojis with text formatting (such as bold face) applied

BUG-3020: QTerm: Deleting entries makes history (ChangeLog) files grow

BUG-2655: QTerm: memoQ may fail to convert specific characters to XML-compliant entities, preventing you from exporting a termbase to SDL MultiTerm or Excel (XLSX) format

BUG-2972: QTerm: You may be unable to export your termbase if its name contains characters considered invalid by the file system according to regional settings

BUG-2871: QTerm: You may not be able to import specific TBX files in memoQWeb, while you can import them via memoQ desktop clients

BUG-3024: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: You may be unable to create an SDL return package under rare conditions

BUG-3105: SSO: Synchronization of Active Directory groups member may fail under special circumstances

BUG-2454: SSO: Synchronization of Active Directory groups with no members or with only one member may fail

BUG-3018: SSO: Synchronization of Active Directory groups with no members or with only one member may fail

BUG-2967: SSO: Synchronization of Active Directory groups with only one member may fail

BUG-3015: SVG filter: You may experience high memory consumption and memoQ may become unresponsive while importing certain SVG files containing unrecognized translatable tags

BUG-1125: The "Treat sublanguages as different languages in TB lookup" and "Show terminology hits that have no target term" options are not observed

BUG-3028: The name of Libya is misspelled in language lists

BUG-2515: The text "Exporter (boite de dialogue)" appears in English on the French UI

BUG-1277: Typing in the Final view of the change tracking mode when the drop-down list of predictive typing is open may result in text inserted before the cursor

BUG-1386: Under very rare circumstances, including specially crafted segment content, you may be unable to run Statistics with homogeneity on some documents

BUG-2949: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: Line breaks aren't preserved when translating between language pairs with different LTR-RTL property

BUG-1422: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: Exported documents don't contain translations in segments which did not have a target element in the original file

BUG-3049: You may be unable to restore an archived project if the document history of a translation document is corrupted

BUG-3063: You may not use spell and grammar checker for Irish target language since memoQ may not recognize the Irish language pack for Microsoft Word is installed

BUG-2168: You may receive 101% matches for number-only segments when you expect a lower match rate

BUG-2269: You receive an error when you try to create a project from a template in which the working or the master TM name is calculated from placeholders and the value to populate the placeholder includes unsupported characters

Initial 9.3 release was 9.3.6

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